Pinnacle 7mm Merino-Barracuda Boot

Pinnacle 7mm Merino-Barracuda Boot Features

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The Mesh Backpack is an ideal travel bag that can also be used for local diving, pool sessions, etc The Mesh Backpack can be carried by its handle or worn on the back It is easily large enough to carry two sets of warm water gear, multiple snorkeling sets, or a complete set of cold water gear The Mesh Backpack is completely corrosion-proof, making it an ideal rinse bag It comes complete with a small mesh bag

Key Features

  • 7mm titanium lined neoprene with Merino lining, which adds significant warmth, antibacterialodor-fighting properties and softness
  • Rugged basketball-type sole with uniquely rounded sides will fit in nearly every fin
  • Foxing strap over instep provides tremendous lateral support
  • Heavy duty protective toe and heel caps with fin strap cleat
  • # 10 YKK locking zipper with marine-grade brass slider and pull and Velcro zipper flap

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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