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PADI UnderWater Navigator Manual (79302)

PADI UnderWater Navigator Manual (79302) Features

You only got a taste of navigation in your Advanced Open Water Training Course, now it's time to become proficient in one of the best skills in diving. PADI Underwater Navigation Manual allows you to get around underwater with ease. There are no street signs on the bottom of the ocean. The reef is not on the corner of 3rd and Elm, so you need to use compass bearings to get from place to place and to the boat or shore and back again. Hone those skills and learn more, such as dead reckoning, triangulating and much more. It is a great feeling when you submerge down the anchor or buoy line and when your dive is coming to an end you wind up right back at the spot you started. Conserve energy and make longer and safer dives with mastering the skill of navigation.