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PADI eRDPML Open Water Crew-Pak with Blue Log Book (60067)

PADI eRDPML Open Water Crew-Pak with Blue Log Book (60067) Features

What's in the box: Open Water Diver Manual, eRDPML, Student Record File, Keep Diving Brochure, PADI Transparent Decal, Diver's Blue Logbook (includes training record)

The PADI Open Water Dive Manual is an easy to read and follow step-by-step text book which is designed to give the student the fastest and safest system to completing an Open Water Dive Course. Included in the Crew-Pak is PADI's eRDPML for Multi-Level Dive Planning. Get ready for Easy, Electronic Multilevel Dive Planning with the arrival of the new eRDPML. Like its predecessor, the eRDP, the eRDPML is not a Dive Computer, but an Electronic Dive Table that allows you to Plan Single Depth and Multilevel Dives. While the first generation eRDP provided the same information as the table version of the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP), the eRDPML provides similar information as The Wheel Þ in an electronic format. Everyone's favorite "blue log" is now printed in full color on non-smear recycled paper. Each course has dedicated pages: from Open Water Diver through Master Scuba Diver. Plus it includes a convenient equipment checklist.

Key Features

  • Start Learning How to Scuba Dive Today!
  • Easy-to-Read and follow Step-by-Step Text Book
  • Fastest and Safest System to Completing an Open Water Dive Course
  • Includes All-Required Materials for Open Water Certification Including:
    Open Water Diver Manual
    PADI deRDPML for Multi-Level Dive Planning
    Blue Logbook
    Student Record File
    PADI Transparent Decal
    Continuing Education Brochure
    PADI Diving Society Application
  • eRDPML for Multi-Level Dive Planning:
    Easy, Electronic Multilevel Dive Planning with or w/o Sound
    Plan Up to 5 Consecutive Dives
    Plan Up to 3 Consecutive Multi-Level Dives
    Great Way to Learn How Dive Computer Algorithm Work
  • Blue Log Book:
    Full Color on Non-Smear Recycled Paper
    Open Water Diver through Master Scuba Diver
    Convenient Equipment Checklist