Zeagle Wicked Ranger BCD with OCTO-Z Alternate Air Source

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About Zeagle Wicked Ranger BCD with OCTO-Z Alternate Air Source

The Ranger was the first BC to combine High Quality Heavy Duty Construction, Weight Integration, and Rear Flotation. Its introduction created a New-Category of Buoyancy Systems, and it is without doubt the most imitated BC in history! But it's the Rangers Incredible-Versatility that keeps knowledgeable divers recommending it year after year. The Zeagle Wicked Ranger BC is equipped with Zeagle's 30lb (13.6kg) Capacity Ripcord Weight System, 20lb (9kg) Capacity Rear Trim Weight System both excepting Hard Block and Soft Weights.

The Unique Fabric is a Designer-Styled Stone Washed "Denim Type" Nylon CORDURA material. A "Repair" Patch has been added to the outside of the Utility Pocket for Style". The Webbing has a Seasoned Appearance. The High-Strength Solid Brass D-Rings are Uncoated-and-Pre-Oxidized to add to the Design-Style. The Pre-Stressed Plastic Hardware is Heavy-Duty throughout. These features give the Wicked BC the look of "Experience" and are unique in diving today. The Waist Closure is a Single Buckle combined with Elastic Waist Panels. The BCD has Torso Adjustable and Sternum Straps. All Strap Closures are equipped with Squeeze-Style" Side Release Buckles for Easy Donning and Doffing. The Shoulders are designed with Wider Straps for Added Comfort. BCD is equipped with Dual Rear Pull Dump Valves

The Standard-Bladder has 44lbs (20kg) Lift Capacity. BCD has 2-Large Zippered Utility Pockets and 4-Brass D-Rings on the Shoulders and 2 on the Vest all for Storage and Attachment of Accessory Items. The Wicked Ranger has 11" (27.9cm) Grommets for Mounting of Twin Cylinder Set-Ups. Zeagle has placed a tribal design on the vest and bladder. This is to add cultural appeal and individuality to the product. With the number of people wearing ink these days, it seems like a natural addition to this unique concept. Each Wicked BC includes a small temporary wicked tattoo just for fun. If you are a diver who wants a rugged recreational buoyancy system, but also want one that can adapt and change to meet different diving needs, the Ranger is a system you won't outgrow. Of course, this product is backed by Zeagle's usual high standards and Limited Lifetime Warranty. BC weights 8.4lbs (3.8kg) and comes with an Owner's Manual.

Zeagle's regulators are US made, built under strict controls for quality in Zeagle's own factory, using state of the art equipment and procedures. Your regulator is one of your most important pieces of gear. No matter what kind of diving you do, you can do it better with Zeagle.

The OCTO-Z Inflator replaces the conventional BC power inflator and second stage octopus by combining the functions of both into a single unit. When you're taught how to dive you are given practice in buoyancy control more than any other skill. Once you start to dive every time you go underwater, fin the reef, or surface you use buoyancy control. All this time your octopus second stage regulator hangs un-used and out of mind.

When a real life out-of-air situation occurs, the stress and anxiety mounts, and you find yourself fumbling for a piece of equipment you never use the Octopus! Combining your inflator devise (that you use on every dive) with your Octopus Regulator assures your ability to react properly when an out-of-air emergency occurs. Be a safe diver with the OCTO-Z Breathable Inflator.

The OCTO-Z is a Dependable Downstream Demand Valve Design Breathable Inflator. The OCTO-Z has a Balanced Inflator Valve Design and is manufactured from Brass, Flexible and ridged Thermoplastics, Elastomeric Polymers and Silicone Rubber. The Breathable Inflator weighs 8 oz (213 g) without the hose, providing a Lightweight and Compact Alternative to having both a Standard Inflator Mechanism and a Separate Octopus Regulator.

The High-Flow Inflator Hose is 27" (69 cm) in length with 3/8" Threads. The OCTO-Z is also equipped with a Threaded Coupling that allows you to attach the end of the BC Corrugated Hose to a Garden Hose for Easy and Effective Rinsing of the BCD's Air Bladder. This feature also allows you to disconnect the OCTO-Z for storage with your Primary Regulator. The combining of the Alternate Air Source and Inflator Mechanism also eliminates a Hose and Streamlines your Profile when diving. The OCTO-Z comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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