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About Scuba Regulator package

Looking for a great package deal? The Scuba Regulator Package includes the following;

- The Genesis Atlas, it combines Superior Simplicity, and High Performance in one Regulator The first stage regulator incorporates Genesis Dry Air Demand (DAD) This simple yet unique design has a flow-through piston that mechanically balance the air of the first stage ensuring excellent breathing characteristics at full or low cylinder pressures The DAD's function allows the regulator is increase the intermediate pressure of the regulator without messy oils or grease as with more sophisticated designs This added benefit makes the regulator virtually uncontaminated from the environment of salt, sand or chlorine internally, which makes it the choice of most repair technicians The second-stage has a Pre-dive/dive switch to eliminate sensitivity when swimming through surf, jumping off the side of the boat, or fining in a current, yet allows high performance breathing when needed

- Sherwood Dual octopus, This octopus is just as the name indicates, allows the mouthpiece to be installed in two separate positions and allows any diver maximum comfort, and never sacrifices Sherwood's history of reliability and durability Smooth easy breathing, 37-inch hose for easy sharing, and ambidextrous utility

- Genesis Compact Console, 200ft Max Depth Console featuring an accurate and easy to read depth and pressure gauge

- Blue Reef Regulator Bag, Keep your regulators and expensive equipment separate from the rest of the gear This bag is large enough to hold regulator, gauges, and an octopus

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