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Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver Full Face Mask with Coms

Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $5 Donation


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About Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver Full Face Mask with Coms

Looking for a full face mask with communications package Ocean Reef's Neptune Space G with GSM G Communication System has your number. The Neptune Space G.divers mask is available in 2 sizes and 4 color options and includes an integrated balanced 2nd stage regulator with a 3/8" threaded 31.5" (80cm) low pressure hose. The patented bellows style face skirt, molded from premium grade silicone rubber, uses a spring profile and large sealing double the size and spacing (30-45mm), to achieve a very comfortable fit and ample support. This spring effect is a combination of the double S section and the inner support ribs which allows the G.divers full face mask to float comfortably on the face. The head strap is directly attached to the face shield, allowing pressure to be distributed equally along the mask skirt. The six straps of the head harness hold the mask in a firm position due to their low elasticity. The tip of each rubber strap is wider, making them easier to grasp while wearing neoprene gloves. The FRB II (fast rotating buckle) allows the mask to be donned and doffed quickly. These unique face seal and strap concepts are Ocean Reefs patents.

The streamlined visor, made of transparent polycarbonate, is designed to be wider and sit closer to the face than previous full face masks. The G.divers design maximizes the visual field, particularly the peripheral area. The visible light transfer of the visor is 92%. These factors give divers an astonishingly clear view of the underwater world.

The underwater communication allows a great evolution of the diving activity and an outstanding improvement of the underwater instruction and education. Besides, the underwater communication is also making the diving activity safer and more enjoyable. The new GSM G.divers transceiver (high performance communication system) expands the diver's ability to communicate with others verbally. The ultrasonic transceiver boasts the autonomy of approximately 30 hours in receiving mode, a range of operation of over 600' (200-250 meters) in calm sea water, lightweight and sleek design. It is a powerful, single channel and inexpensive PTT (push to talk) underwater wireless communication unit. The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water and it uses a 9V alkaline battery with a low battery alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low (1-hour runtime remaining).

The GSM G.divers communication unit is the perfect addition to any training class or guided tour and operates on the same 32.768 kHz frequency as all other OCEAN REEF units and most popular wireless communication units on the market. GSM G.divers uses a D-Mic, a special microphone with the housing sealed by hydrophobic membrane which is permeable to air, but prevents water from passing through the electronics The membrane's reduced thickness limits any reduction of the vocal signal. The permeability of the membrane keeps the internal pressure equalized with the external pressure, enabling the microphone to be used at practically any depth.

Each GSM G.divers comes with the NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support) (code 33054). The patented NACS is an adjustable support arm for the GSM G.divers and other OCEAN REEF underwater communication units. It can be installed on the left side of the mask and prevents the communication unit from hanging on the mask strap. By relieving the weight of the communication unit, the NACS also allows the mask strap to slide easily through the buckle; thus, the strap can stay loose while the mask is donned and the communicator stays out of the way. The NACS can be adjusted for tilt and distance between the communication unit and the visor. Unit is depth rated for 120' (40 meters). The Mask with Communications comes with owner manuals and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

DIVE PINK & FIGHT BREST CANCER! For every Pink Mask $5 will be donated to fight breast cancer.

Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver Full Face Mask with Coms Features

  • Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver Full Face Mask with Coms:
  • Complete Full Face Mask (FFM) with Communication System
  • Owner Manuals
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Full Face Mask: Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver
  • Available in 2 Sizes and Multiple Color Options
  • Integrated Balanced 2'nd Stage Regulator
  • Diver Adjustable Flow Control Knob
  • 3/8" Threaded 31.5" (80cm) Low Pressure Hose
  • Patented Bellows Style Face Skirt
  • Molded from Premium Grade Silicone Rubber
  • Spring Profile and Large Sealing
  • 2X Size & Spacing (30-45mm): Achieves Very Comfortable Fit & Ample Support
  • Spring Effect: Combination of Double S Section & Inner Support Ribs
  • Mask Floats Comfortably on Face
  • 6 Strap Spider:
    Directly Attached to Face Shield
    Pressure Distributed Equally Along Mask Skirt
    Holds Mask Firmly Position with Low Elasticity
    Tips of Strap: Wider, Easier to Grasp while Wearing Neoprene Gloves
    FRB II (fast rotating buckle): Allows Mask to be Donned & Doffed Quickly
  • Streamlined Visor:
    Made of Transparent Polycarbonate
    Wider and Sit Closer to Face than Previous FFM
    Maximizes Visual Field, Particularly the Peripheral Area
    Visible Light Transfer of Visor 92%
    Astonishingly Clear View of Underwater World
  • Communication Device:
    Ocean Reef GSM G Divers Communication System
  • Underwater Communication:
    Allows a Great Evolution of Diving Activity
    Outstanding Improvement of Underwater Instruction and Education
    Makes Diving Activities Safer and More Enjoyable
  • High Performance Communication System
  • Ultrasonic Transceiver
  • Autonomy of Approximately 30-Hours in Receiving Mode
  • Range of Operation Over 600' (200-250 meters) in Calm Sea Water
  • Lightweight and Sleek Design
  • Powerful, Single Channel 32.768 kHz Frequency
  • PTT (push to talk) Underwater Wireless Communication Unit
  • Automatically Activates Upon Contact with Water
  • Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Low Battery Alarm:
    Activates at 1-Hour Power reserve
    Beeps Every 30-Seconds when Battery Low
  • Depth Rating: 120' (40 meters)
  • Perfect Addition to Any Training Class or Guided Tour
  • OCEAN REEF: Most Popular Wireless Communication on the Market
  • D-Mic, Special Microphone:
    Housing Sealed by Hydrophobic Membrane
    Permeable to Air, Prevents Water from Passing Thru Electronics
    Membrane's Reduced Thickness Limits Reduction of Vocal Signal
    Permeability of Membrane Keeps Internal Pressure Equalized
    Microphone Used at Practically Any Depth
  • Includes NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support)

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Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
Raymond J  My other mask I bought 4 years ago the communication system along was 800 dollars .Rather buy that I bought this extra Mask with it combined.I,m still Diving & alive so that proves you only get top of the Range Equipment with Leisure Pro/Ocean Gear. Highly Satisfied
Angie C  What does it take to clear the full mask? I noticed someone said how to clear your ears, I'm concerned about the mask fogging up and clearing it. As this is my only issue with the regular masks.
Matthew S  Hi, it's very easy to clear just push on the mask a little to your face so the knobs cover your noses that's how I do it . It take a little bit to get use to but once you do you will love it. The mask does not fog at all. I purchased this mask because of leakage and foging up with the traditional mask I've owned it for 2 years and 150 dives later and i still love it. Hope this helps
TINA M  The mask does not ever fog up and u just breath and mask will clear water but the only way u can get water in it would be if u took it off under water and put back on because of the whole mask has air going into it water doesn't come in.
Angie C  Ok Tina, thank you. That is really helpful information, as soon as I find someone who sells them so I can decide on a size.
THOMAS G  The mask will not fog. The fresh dry air from the tank is circulated through and that keeps it from fogging. I've never had a problem with water entering mine but to clear just press the purge button or exhale hard.
MARTIN W  It doesn't fog much due to the nose cup and air flow. It will fog at surface if you have a surface valve (highly recommended to save air). Then when you go on air it clears. If you get water in the mask it can be pushed out the exhaust valve.
MICHAEL M  The best feature of this full face mask is it doesn't fog. If somehow it did fog it is super easy to clear as water is expelled out the bottom
Chad W  When wearing your standard mask it fogs due to outside water temperatures being cooler then you face temperature from body heat. With the full face mask it is different. When you are breathing air it all around the face. I.e. Your now able to breath through your nose instead of your mouth. With this said the air from your tank pevents the major temperature change as the air circulation is constantly happening. I own 3 of the full face mask. My 12yr old uses one and the wife the other. The only times it has been noted to fog was releasing a long exhale of air. Follow by inhaling and the mask clearing it self. Any other questions please ask. As I said b4 my 12 yr old n wife both love it over the standard mask.
David B  Clearing is easy. There is a purge valve on the front. It clears very quickly. It never fogs up due to the constant air replacement through out the mask. If you need glasses the inset is great. allows for progressives to be inserted. Recommend the PADI IDM training as there are a number of issues around buddy breathing attachments to the regulators etc that you will not learn without someone telling you about them.
Shopper  Is this a positive pressure mask?
KEVIN F  No, has standard second stage.
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