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About Leisure Pro Summer Package

Looking for a great package deal the Leisure Pro Summer Package consists of the following products:

Blue Reef Regulator Bag
Keep your regulators and expensive equipment separate from the rest of the gear. This bag islarge enough to hold regulator, gauges, and an octopus.

Genesis CG5736 Compact Console
200ft Max Depth Console featuring an accurate and easy to read depth and pressure gauge.

Genesis "Genesis Octopus" GS040
is a compact, lightweight design, specifically tuned to resist unwanted free-flow, with an exhaust tee that directs exhaust bubbles away from yourface. Extra long 36" hose, has a Bright "hi viz" yellow accents for easy identification.

Genesis "GS2000" Regulator
the Genesis GS2000 is innovation at its best. This top performing regulator for all extremes is patented with its "Diver Adjustable" inhalation Balance 2nd Stage and the unique D.A.D. (Dry Air Demand) First Stage

Sherwood Axis BCD
has a plush interior lining, shaped shoulders, neoprene comfort neckline, back-mounted flotation cell, easy to operate CQR 2 Weight system with convenient zippered pockets.

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