Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua Loc® Package

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About Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua Loc® Package

If you're looking for a great package deal, The Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua LocÞ Package consists of the following:

HNDAL7W Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua LocÞ Jumpsuit is at the center of this uniquesuit system. This revolutionary system is the first of its kind offering interlocking wetsuit wrist, ankles and neck openings which are designed specifically to mate with interlocking Aqua Loc hoods, boots and gloves to form a nearly impenetrable seal which minimizes cold water entry. The Aqua Loc cuffs feature a soft and ultra stretchy Skin neoprene inner lining which mates to specially designed silicone seals inside the boots and gloves. Every seam on thesuits is double glued and blind stitched inside and out. Outer seams are coated with a special waterproof Aqua Loc liquid tape which seals water out and helps protect the stitching from damage and unraveling. The interior of the suit is lined with quick drying Golden micro fleece, exterior features Henderson's Aquasilk laminate, rear PK G-lock water resistant zipper and soft, flexible and extremely durable Duratex knee pads complete the suit.

The HNDALB7 Henderson Aqua LocÞ 7mm Boots utilize the same construction techniques employed by the Aqua Loc Wetsuit. The Boot interior features 3 silicone O-ring seals which mate to the Aqua Loc ankle on the 7mm jumpsuit. A special ankle extension allows for a secure grip when pulling boots over the mating skin ankle cuff. The same seams, stitching, Aqua Loc liquid tape, golden micro fleece lining, beefy #10 YKK zipper with zipper lock, low profile sole, Aquasilk laminate, with toe and heel protection thermally bonded for long life and durability.

HNDALG7 Henderson Aqua LocÞ 7mm Gloves also utilize the same construction techniques employed by the Aqua Loc Boots. The same 3 silicone O-ring seals, seams, stitching, Aqua Loc liquid tape, golden micro fleece lining and Aquasilk laminate. The palm and fingers are also coated with a special thermally bonded silicone grip pattern to assure a secure grip in all conditions.

Lastly, the HNDALH75 Henderson Aqua LocÞ 7/5mm Hood also has all the features ofthe suit, boots and gloves and an inner bib made from ultra soft and supple skinneoprene to provide a compression seal against the skin. A revolutionary new oneway flow vent purge valve, vents regulator exhaust from the hood while preventing cold water entry.

Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua Loc® Package Features

  • Double Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
  • Aqua Loc Liquid Tape
  • Golden Micro Fleece Lining
  • Aquasilk Laminate Exterior
  • PK G-Lock Suit Zipper
  • Duratex Knee Pads
  • 3 Silicone O-ring Seals (Boots, Gloves and Hood)
  • Beefy #10 YKK Boot Zippers
  • Thermally Bonded Silicone Palm Grip
  • One Way Flow Vent Hood Purge Valve

Henderson 7mm Women's Aqua Loc® Package Specifications

  2 4 6 8 8T 10 10T 12 12T 14 16
BUST 27″-29″ 29″-31″ 31″-33″ 33″-35″ 33″-35″ 35″-37″ 35″-37″ 37″-39″ 37″-39″ 39″-41″ 41″-43″
WAIST 22″-24″ 24″-26″ 26″-28″ 27″-29″ 27″-29″ 30″-32″ 30″-32″ 32″-34″ 32″-34″ 34″-36″ 36″-38″
HIPS 30″-32″ 32″-34″ 34″-36″ 36″-38″ 36″-38″ 38″-40″ 38″-40″ 40″-42″ 40″-42″ 42″-44″ 44″-46″
WEIGHT 105lbs 110lbs 115lbs 120lbs 130lbs 130lbs 140lbs 140lbs 150lbs 150lbs 160lbs
HEIGHT 5’2″-5’4″ 5’4″-5’6″ 5’5″-5’7″ 5’6″-5’8″ 5’9 1/2-5’11 1/2″ 5’7″-5’9″ 5’10 1/2-6’1/2″ 5’8″-5’10″ 5’11 1/2″-6’1 1/2″ 5’9″-5’11″ 5’11″-6’1″
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