Henderson 7mm Neoprene Jumpsuit Men's Package

Henderson 7mm Neoprene Jumpsuit Men's Package Features

What's in the box: Aqua Sink the Stink, McNett Wet Suit Shampoo, Neo Sport 7/5mm Men's Jumpsuit, Blue Reef 5MM Men's Dive Boots, Glove, Blue Reef 6.5MM Neoprene Hood, and Leisure Pro Baseball Cap

AQUSTS Aqua "Sink the Stink" is a cleaner that will remove the stink from neoprene gear As I had it explained to me, the reason neoprene gets stinky is from bacteria that grows on it when it gets wet "Sink The Stink" is a solution that you soak your gear in after using, then air dry and it kills the bacteria No more stinky gear!

AQUWSS8 Mcnett Wet Suit Shampoo 8 oz Keep your suit fresh and clean with Mcnett's Wet Suit Shampoo Mcnett Wet Suit Shampoo is specially made of ingredients not to harm your new wet suit, removes mineral deposits and body oils which helps prolong the life of your wet suit BLR7JM Neo Sport 7/5mm Men'sJumpsuit the simplicity and comfort of a one-piece jumpsuit, and these multi-thickness designs give added flexibility where divers needed it most The thicker torso provides core body warmth while the thinner arms and legs allow for easier maneuvering

BLRBZ Blue Reef 5mm Men's Dive Boots with Zipper has a comfortable fit due to the two seam design on the boots upper eliminating chafing The flexible non-skid sole is vulcanized to the upper for strength and durability The boot has a corrosion resistant plastic zipper for long life and neoprene rubber gusset behind the zipper to minimize water exchange increasing warmth

BLRG5FV Blue Reef 5mm Men's Glove with Velcro Band is a cold water glove with a V-shaped gusset for ease of entry; adjustable stretch band secures the glove at wrist New, improved rubberized-palm design protects neoprene and improves grip with seams that are glued and blind-stitched BLRHD Blue Reef 6 5mm neoprene Hood has a 3mm face and neck bib that are skin in seal designed for easy trimming to fit every face To keep your head in the shade before, between and after the dives CAPLP Leisure Pro Divers Baseball Cap made from 100% cotton and one size fits most

Key Features

  • Neo Sports 7/5mm Men's Jumpsuit
  • Blue Reef 5mm Men's Dive Boots with Zipper
  • Blue Reef 5mm Men's Glove with Velcro Band
  • Blue Reef 6.5mm Neoprene Hood
  • Mcnett Wet Suit Shampoo 8 oz.
  • Aqua "Sink the Stink"
  • Leisure Pro Baseball Cap
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