Genesis Holiday ReAct Package

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Leisure Pro Divers Baseball Cap

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Genesis S.K.O. Octopus Regulator

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Genesis React Pro Dive Computer Console, CG3909

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Genesis GS2000 Regulator GR450

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Genesis Holiday ReAct Package Features

What's in the box: 1'st and 2'nd Stage Regulator with LP Hose, Octopus with LP Hose, Computer Console with HP Hose and Pressure Gauge, and Baseball Cap

Looking for a great package deal, the Genesis Holiday ReAct Package consists of the following products:

Innovation at its best is the way to explain the function of the Genesis GS2000 Regulator. The first stage regulator incorporates Genesis Dry Air Demand (DAD). This simple yet unique design has a flow-by piston that mechanically balance the air of the first stage ensuring excellent breathing characteristics at full or low cylinder pressures.

The DAD's function allows the regulator is increase the intermediate pressure of the regulator without messy oils or grease as with more sophisticated designs. This added benefit makes the regulator virtually uncontaminated from the environment of salt, sand or chlorine internally, which makes it the choice of most repair technicians. Built from marine grade chrome plated brass for long life with two HP Ports and four LP Ports for addition of gauges and LP accessories, this is one work horse first stage regulator.

The Balance 2nd Stage delivers air effortlessly; its Pre-dive/dive switch eliminates sensitivity when swimming through surf, jumping off the side of the boat, or fining in a current, yet allows high performance breathing when needed. Durability is assured with a non-corrosive ABS/Polycarbonate Housing and a corrosion resistant passivated 302-stainless steel demand valve lever. Breathing resistance is adjustable for optimal resistance and the orthodontic mouthpiece allows hours of comfortable breathing without jaw fatigue. The regulator is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

The Minimus has a uniquely designed mouthpiece position that allows you to give extra air to divers at your left or right-hand side. Because this Octopus is 35% smaller than most standard octopus, you are provided with a lightweight, less bulky dive. Rugged, dependable, and affordable, constructed of strong, durable materials, the compact Minimus provides you with the breathing performance of a primary regulator. Minimus is a dependable downstream demand valve design and comes with an extra long, 36" (91.4 cm) hose. The regulator is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

. Included in this package is a free Leisure Pro Baseball Cap. Let them know you dive and better yet, let them know you got your gear at a great price at Leisure Pro with this great looking cap!

Key Features

  • Complete Regulator System Package
  • Includes Regulator Bag and Free Baseball Cap
  • Regulator 1'st Stage:
  • Fail-Safe Balanced Flow-By Piston
  • Durable Marine Grade Chromed Brass
  • 4 LP Ports
  • 2 HP ports
  • Dry Air Demand (DAD) Environmentally Sealed
  • Regulator 2'nd Stage:
  • Balanced 2'nd Stage
  • Delivers Air Effortlessly
  • Pre-Dive/Dive Switch Helps Eliminates Free Flow
  • Adjustable Breathing Resistance
  • ABS/Polycarbonate Housing
  • Corrosion Resistant Passivity 302-Stainless Steel Lever
  • Orthodontic Mouthpiece
  • Octopus Regulator:
  • Genesis Highest Performing Octopus
  • Lightweight, Durable
  • Specifically Tuned to Resist Free Flow
  • Dependable Downstream Valve Design
  • Extra long 36" Hose
  • Bright Yellow for Easy ID
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty on Regulator System
  • Computer:
  • Intuitive Operation and Display
  • Air/Nitrox or Gauge Operating Modes
  • Deep Stop Reminder
  • Digital and Bar Graph for Nitrogen or Oxygen Limits
  • 50 Dive Memory
  • Audible and Visual Alarms - Diver Selectable
  • Consumer Replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery
  • PC Downloadable Profiles
  • 3-Screens in Dive Mode - User Selected
  • Imperial or Metric - User Selected
  • Dive Log Sample Rate - User Selected
  • Dive Plan Mode - User Selected
  • 12/24 Hour Format - User Selected
  • Month & Day Display
  • Depth Readout: 0 to 399' (0 to 120 meters)
  • Deco Stops to 60' (18.3 meters)
  • Safety Stop Countdown Timer
  • Hydro-Glow Backlight
  • Altitude Adjustable: 14,000' (4267.2 meters)
  • 21% to 50% FO2
  • Owners' Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pressure Gauge:
  • Durable, Lightweight and Compact
  • Readout: 0 to 5,000 psi
  • Temperature Gauge
  • High Visibility Graphics
  • Strategically Color Coded for Safety
  • Luminescent Dial
  • 360 Degree Swivel 36" (91.4 cm) Hose
  • Regulator Bag:
  • Provides Extra Cushion and Protection
  • Fits Complete Regulator System w/Console and Octopus
  • Sturdy Carry Handle
  • Durable Nylon Construction
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 3" (30.5 x 30.5 x 7.6 cm)
  • Free One Size Fits Most Leisure Pro Dive Baseball Cap