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Leisure Pro Divers Baseball Cap

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Genesis 2 Gauge Compact Console, Imperial

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Genesis S.K.O. Octopus Regulator

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Genesis GS2000 Regulator GR450

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Genesis Holiday Package Features

Looking for a great package deal, the Genesis Holiday Package consists of the following products:

Genesis "GS2000" Regulator
The Genesis GS2000 is innovation at its best. This top performing regulator for all extremes is patented with its "Diver Adjustable" inhalation Balance 2nd Stage and the unique D.A.D. (Dry Air Demand) First Stage.

Sherwood Dual Octopus
This Octopus, just as the name indicates, allows the mouthpiece to be installed in two separate positions and allows any diver maximum comfort, and never sacrifices Sherwood's history of reliability and durability. Smooth easy breathing, 37-inch hose for easy sharing, and ambidextrous utility.

Genesis CG5736 Compact Console
200ft MaxDepth Console featuring an accurate and easy to read depth and pressure gauge.

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