Women's 3mm Shorty Package

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  • 3mm neoprene female specific shorty
  • Female specific 4 way stretch neoprene glove
  • Mid cut 3mm neoprene dive boots
  • 2.5 mm sport beanie cap provides extra warmth
  • Flat locked stitched seams ensures durability
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About Women's 3mm Shorty Package

Looking for a great package deal, the Women's 3mm Shorty Package consists of thefollowing products:

Neo Sport by Henderson 3MM Women's Shorty

when you need a little more warmth, the 3mm Shorty delivers with excellent core-warming capability and an anatomical fit that's easy to swim in

Deep See 2MM Women's Sport Glove

with Spandex 4-Way Stretch Fabric will give you that protection, yet allow you to have great dexterity. Glove is durable and protective with its Synthetic Suede Palm. Streamline the glove with the Adjustable Velcro Wrist

Blue Reef 3MM Neoprene Dive Slipper

Mid-cut boot giving good ankle protection when wearing fins

Super Wetsuit Hanger

This sturdy non-corroding hanger will hold heavy wet suits and dry suits so thatthey can dry properly for the next dive. It keeps them off the floor to prevent damage

"Sink the Stink" 1/2 oz

Keeps your suit smelling great kills the bacteria that makes neoprene smell no more stinky gear

JAWS Slosh Wetsuit Dry Suit Shampoo and Cleaner Conditioner 4oz

Slosh contains no harmful chemicals. Its fre sh scent & unique blend of natural ingredients remove chlorine, salt, odors & organic residue while conditioning agents preserve & extend your equipment's life. Slosh is biodegradable

Neo-Sport 2.5 mm Sport Beanie Cap This little Beanie Beats the Chill and is a Smart Addition to any Diver's Warm Water Gear Bag. The Skull-Cap Design and Moderate Thickness (2.5 mm) allow it to provide Good Thermal Protection without the Constricting feel of a Full Hood. The Anatomical Shape and Multi-Adjustable Neck Cinch also give divers a precise fit.

Sport Cap (Beanie) is manufactured from Premium Nylon ll Neoprene Rubber with Flat-Locked Stitched Seams for Comfort and Durability. The Flat-Lock Stitched Seams feature mean when you remove the Beanie you won't look like the B&O Railroad runs around your head at the end of your dive. Beanie has a Non-Corrosive Plastic D-Ring attached to the Chin Strap, comes in 4 sizes from Small to X-Large and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Women's 3mm Shorty Package Features

  • Neo Sport by Henderson 3mm Women's Shorty
  • Pinnacle 3mm Beanie Hood
  • Deep See 2MM Women's Sport Glove
  • Blue Reef 3MM Neoprene Dive Slipper
  • Aqua "Sink the Stink"
  • JAWS Slosh Wetsuit Dry Suit Shampoo and Cleaner Conditioner
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