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About Men's Cold Water Wetsuit Package


The Farmer John and Jacket System by Neopost gives a double layer of Protection over the body s core for the coldest conditions. The Neopost 7mm step-in jacket features glued and sewn seams with reinforcement at intersecting seams and lycra trimmed wrist seals. All together they provide toughness, strength and watertight integrity. For warm waters, wearing just the step-in jacket provides essential core warmth while maximizing mobility. The jacket comes equipped with a full-length heavy duty #10-YKK front zipper closure. Both pieces have anatomical cuts for a Comfortable Fit.


The Neopost XSPAN 7/5mm vented bib hood, can allow your diving to be more enjoyable. Smart anatomical design pays big dividends in comfort with this multi-thickness hood. The thinner, oversized Bib is made to tuck easily into wetsuits forming additional layering for a good seal and an overall anatomical shape that helps eliminate sags and air pockets. The face seal can be trimmed to custom fit a variety of facial contours while an integrated vent allows air to escape through the top of the hood without promoting water exchange. All seams are glued and stitched for durability and to limit water exchange. The hood body is made from XSPAN nylon II neoprene 7mm material with the bib being 5mm.


5mm Boot with double-glued and blind stitched seams for strength and durability the Aeris nylon II neoprene boot built to last This durable dive boot can handle any conditions underwater or on dry land. Comfortably constructed for longevity and streamlined to reduce water flow, these boots are the perfect match for any pair of open heel Fins.


The Neopost 5mm Duratex Gloves are made from premium nylon II neoprene material with a tough Duratex palm and fingers for added strength and superior durability. The gloves are built to last with glued and sewn seams adding strength and warmth to the gloves construction. The premium 5mm nylon II neoprene glove has Gator Elastic Hook-and-Loop Wrist Closure for a custom fit.


The Body Rag Towel is a reinforced, high-tech polymer sponge towel, ideal for all of your travel and drying needs. It is hydrophilic and micro-porous, high on absorbency and mopping. If used when wet, the waffle textured side of the towel has a cooling effect on the body. When dry, the smooth textured side has fast absorption capabilities and can dry you off in no time. This multi-functional towel is durable as well! It comes in a variety of colors and measures 33.25 x 13 and is a certain asset to have around in your travel kit.

Slosh Wetsuit & drysuit shampoo is a complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all neoprene and water sports gear. Shampoo is ideal for wetsuits, drysuits, boots and gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, lycra body suits and more. This shampoo leaves neoprene articles free of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits. Chlorine-removing agents and conditioners help prevent premature aging and oxidation.

This special package also includes an exclusive one-size-fits-all adjustable Leisure Pro hat and an extremely durable, thick wetsuit hanger. PLUS, Sink The Stink cleaner that will remove the stink from neoprene gear. All neoprene products come with a 1 year limited warranty.

The Men's Cold Water Wetsuit Package is commonly used for Colder Water, Diving and more. The Men's Cold Water Wetsuit Package is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Men's Cold Water Wetsuit Package: Breathable, Comfortable, Warm.

Men's Cold Water Wetsuit Package Features

  • Wetsuit:
  • 2-piece wetsuit design for incredible warmth
  • 7mm neoprene throughout each suit, 14mm when worn together
  • Farmer john under suit, long sleeve shorty top
  • Resilient enough to provide tremendous warmth
  • Front zipper for easy entry
  • Hook & loop shoulder straps on the farmer john
  • The Shorty suit can be used alone in warmer water
  • All seams are glued and stitched
  • Reinforcement at all seam intersections
  • Hood:
  • Exclusive 100% super-soft XSPAN Material
  • Glued and Sewn seams for durability
  • Large bib tucks easily into wetsuits
  • Trimble face seal for a custom fit
  • Air vents minimize ballooning by allowing air to escape
  • Booties:
  • Low cut slipper design
  • 5mm nylon II neoprene rubber
  • Designed for open heel fins
  • Durable non-slip molded sole
  • Great beach wear slippers
  • Gloves:
  • Premium nylon II neoprene
  • Tough DURATEX palm and fingers
  • DURATEX adds superior durability
  • Glued and sewn seams add strength and warmth
  • Gator elastic hook & loop wrist closure
  • Towel:
  • Hydrophilic micro-porous towel
  • Reinforced High-Tec polymer material
  • Cools when towel is wet, absorbs water when dry
  • Shampoo:
  • Mcnett wetsuit & drysuit shampoo
  • Ideal for wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves, fishing waders, lycra and more
  • Removes organic residue, chlorine, and salt deposits
  • For all neoprene and watersports gear
  • PLUS, Sink the Stink cleaner

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