Oceanic USA Line Ion Mask Package with V-16 Fins

sale Oceanic USA Line Ion Mask Package with V-16 Fins

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Oceanic USA Line Mesh Fin Carry Bag

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Oceanic USA Line Vortex V-16 Fins

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Oceanic USA Line Ion Mask

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Oceanic USA Line Ultradry Snorkel

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Oceanic USA Line Ion Mask Package with V-16 Fins Features

What's in the box: Mask with Mask Box, Snorkel with Snorkel Keeper, Fins and Mesh Bag

Oceanic is pleased to present the USA product line
With funding made available from sales of the USA product line, Oceanic hopes to reach and support more of our veterans Click here for program details and to see how you can help support our Veterans

The Ion Mask is a Low Profile Family of Masks that are ideal for pros, semi-pros novices, and everyone in between. The low-profile design means you'll experience less drag and increased comfort at depth. These masks come with a Neoprene Comfort Straps and Easy-Adjust Swiveling Buckles. All Ion Series Masks are manufactured from 100% Liquid Silicone Rubber for Comfort and Long Life and are equipped with Safety Tempered Glass Lenses. The Ion Series Masks have Double Feathered Edge Skirts for a perfect fit and an Easy One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization . All Ion Masks come standard with a Protective Mask box.

The Ion 3 is specially designed for women and smaller face. The Mask is a three-window mask that Features Seamless Panoramic Lens Technology and provides a Wide Angle View. While the Ion 3X has a Standard Sized Frame and Skirt.

VROOM! Speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all with the Vortex V-16 . The V-16 combines the patented design concepts divers have come to expect from Oceanic with a new mix of materials that enhance performance and style. Compared to conventional fins, the V-16 is up to 30% faster and more efficient, with less effort, stress and strain resulting in greater comfort and control.

Fins are now equipped with Spring Heel Straps with Large Easy Access Thumb Loop for Streamlined Comfort and Easy On/Off. Spring fin strap have a slimmer profile then most conventional fin straps reducing the potential of fouling with lines sea weed (kelp) or debris. Easy to use springs automatically compensates for different size feet and boots. Spring fin straps are easy to put on and take off and they are depth compensating because they will compress to changes in the thickness of your boots.

Oceanic's Patented Nature's Wing Propeller Fin Technology. The technological edge is achieved with the patented Nature's Wing Technology by splitting the blade to generate highly efficient thrust or lift like an airplane wing, while reducing the strain on the muscles of the leg and hips by allowing the water to drain between the dual blades. Semi-Rigid Battens and Rubber Flex Channels within the blade precisely control the shape of the blade during the fin stroke to optimize power and reduce drag. Oversized Side Rails add rigidity to the oversized blades for Increased Lift Power and Efficiency. Ergonomically designed foot pocket accommodates virtually all foot sizes and boot styles and angled blade for preferred angle of attack. Fins are available in 4 Sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

The Oceanic Mesh Fin Carry Bag is great for gear transport for tropical and local trips. Sometimes a monster bag is just too big once you arrive at your destination. Use this durable waterproof bag in conjunction with a larger bag for easy transport to the dive site or boat and storage between dive days. When you're ready to rinse your gear after a day of diving, simply drop the entire bag in the rinse tank and hang up to dry

Key Features

  • Complete Set of Snorkeling Gear
  • Opportunity to Support Our Veterans
  • Oceanic USA Line Ion Series Masks:
  • 100% Liquid Silicone Rubber Skirts
  • Low Drag, Low Volume and Increased Comfort at Depth
  • Double Feathered Edge Skirts for Great Seal on Face
  • Neoprene Comfort Straps
  • Easy-Adjust Swiveling Buckles
  • Safety Tempered Lens or Lenses
  • Easy One-Hand Nose Pockets for Ear Equalization
  • Mask Box
  • Ion Mask:
  • 2 Window Design
  • Ion 3:
  • Specially Designed for Women and Smaller Faces
  • 3-Window Design
  • Seamless Panoramic Lens Technology
  • No More Blind Spots
  • Ion 3X:
  • Standard Sized Mask Skirt
  • Oceanic USA Line Ultradry Snorkel:
  • Oceanic's Patented Dry Snorkel Technology
  • Easy Airflow and Comfortable Breathing
  • Dual Purge Valves
  • Ergonomic Design and Drop-Away Mouthpiece
  • Great for Snorkeling or Scuba!
  • Reduced Jaw Strain
  • Won't Interfere with Scuba Regulator
  • Replaceable 100% Liquid Silicone Mouthpiece
  • 2 Size Mouthpiece Choices: Regular and Mini
  • Swiveling Quick-Release Snorkel Keeper
  • Oceanic USA Line Vortex V-16 Fins
  • Up to 30% Faster, More Efficient
  • Less Effort, Stress and Strain, Greater Comfort and Control
  • Oceanic's Patented Nature's Wing Propeller Fin Technology
  • Highly Efficient Thrust or Lift like an Airplane Wing
  • Semi-Rigid Battens and Rubber Flex Channels
  • Battens Control the Shape of Blade to Optimize Power and Reduce Drag
  • Oversized Side Rails Add Rigidity for Increased Lift Power and Efficiency
  • Ergonomically Designed Foot Pocket
  • Angled Blade for Preferred Angle of Attack
  • Spring Heel Straps with Large Easy Access Thumb Loop
  • Streamlined Comfort and Easy On/Off
  • Springs Automatically Compensates Foot Sizes and Boot Compression
  • 4 Sizes from X-Small to X-Large
  • Oceanic Mesh Fin Carry Bag:
  • Great for Gear Transport for Tropical and Local Trips
  • Drawstring Closure with Barrel Lock
  • Shoulder Strap for Easy Transport
  • All Mesh Design
  • Rinse and Dry Gear in Bag