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About Hollis Tec Package

Looking for a great basic tech set Hollis has you covered!
Visibility is the most important aspect of any dive. The M1 Mask raises the bar for optical quality and distortion free vision. The extra crystal clear Saint-Gobain Diamant Tempered Glass Single Lens is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities. The low iron content produces a Higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in other glass. This makes the lens distortion free and helps improve color and visibility in low light conditions underwater.

The M1 frameless design makes it easy to stow in a BCD pocket, so it can also be used as a back-up mask if required. Mask provides a wide field of vision with a low internal volume making it extremely easy to clear. The 100% pure silicone double feathered edge skirt and wide split style mask strap combine for a perfect seal and comfort on the face. Mask has low-profile quick adjust buckles and an easy to reach one hand nose pocket for ear equalization. The M1 Mask is available in all black, comes with a protective mask box for storage and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Looking for a great snorkel at an economical price than look no further, Blue Reef's Ultra Flex Snorkel is packed with features and not on dollars. Snorkel is ergonomically designed with its streamline oval-shape. The semi-dry top prevents water spray and splash from entering the air way and an easy purge one-way self draining valve and chamber for any residual moisture that may enter the Tube.

Snorkel is equipped with a patented quick-release swivel snorkel keeper that make's attaching the snorkel easy, and comfortable when in use. A silicone flex-tube make's it great for Scuba. Mouthpiece is manufactured from durable silicone and is replaceable if needed. The Snorkel comes with a 24 month limited warranty.

The Hollis F1 Bat" Fins give power without compromise. The Hollis fin blends graceful movement, power, and bulletproof construction. Meet the new standard in diving! The Hollis open heel Bat" Fins use classic vented fin construction with new age" technologies. Fins are equipped with spring heel fins straps with easy-grip heel tabs and generous foot pockets for fast donning and doffing. Heel tab loops can also be used to hang fins for drying or storage in a dive locker. The spring straps have multiple strap mounting positions for a fine tuned fit. The strap mounts are also angled-for-comfort and a better transition-of-power.

Like the original vented fins the F-1 Bat" Fins are constructed from high-grade, heavy-duty rubber for exceptional strength and durability. The vented blade design with unique channel on the blade tips reduces stress while accelerating water over-the-blade and focusing the flow-of-water for added power. The Fins are available in multiple sizes and come in all black or black with yellow tips. Fins are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

The CRESSI Gorilla Dry Bag is one large and roomy duffel bag. The bag is long enough to hold even the long free diving fins. It is made from a strong Radio Frequency (RF) welded seam PVC and is waterproof. Several unique benefits are offered to the diver with the strong and durable waterproof PVC design. Because it is waterproof, equipment can be washed-with-water while still-inside-the-bag. Once you have finished washing your gear the bag has a special drain cap situated at one end to let water out easily and conveniently. Another benefit is it won't get you, your car trunk or truck bed wet when being transported. Gorilla comes with handy top grab carry handles and two-straps that can also be used as shoulder straps.

The Gorilla Dry Duffle Bag has a strong full length YKK zipper with zipper flap. There are also grab handles on the bags ends for easier handling. The bag measures (L x W x H) 33.5" x 18" x 14" (85cm x 45cm x35cm) with a volume of 8,316 cubic inches (136.3 liters) and weighs 3.2lbs (1.45kg) when empty. The Bag is black in color and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Condensation occurs on the inside of your mask lens when diving, if not treated with a defog solution this condensation will create a mist like you see on the bathroom mirror after a shower. This layer of water makes looking through the mask lens impossible. Proper defogging of your dive mask lenses is vital to an enjoyable dive. Using a defogger from a company that has built its reputation on diver's optics is a no brainer. Use only the best from Sea Vision.

Sea Vision's Defogger comes in a handy 2oz (59ml). Spray Bottle. Just a small amount sprayed on your mask lenses will keep them clear throughout your dive. This non toxic non abrasive defog is specially designed for the CR-39 lenses found on the Sea Vision Masks. CR-39 lenses are common to the eyeglass industry and require a non-abrasive defog to be used to properly protect-the-lenses. This feature makes this Defog Product the product-of-choice for all dive mask lenses.

Hollis Tec Package Features

  • Hollis Tec Package
  • Complete Basic Tech Package
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty: Mask, Fins Snorkel
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Bag
  • Mask: Hollis M1 Frameless Mask
  • Visibility: Most Important Aspect of Any-Dive
  • Optical Quality and Distortion Free Vision
  • Extra Crystal Clear Saint-Gobain Diamant Tempered Lens
  • Single Lens Design
  • Saint-Gobain Diamant Glass: Valued for Attractive Appearance and Optical Qualities
  • Low Iron Content Produces Higher Light Transmittance
  • Reduced Green Tint Inherent in Standard Glass
  • Lens Distortion Free, Improved Color and Visibility in Low Light Conditions Underwater
  • Frameless Design, Easy to Stow in a BCD Pocket
  • Great Back-Up Mask
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Low Internal Volume, Extremely Easy to Clear
  • 100% Pure Silicone Double Feathered Edge Skirt
  • Wide Split Style Mask Strap
  • Feathered Edge & Wide Split Strap Combined for Comfortable and Perfect Seal on Face
  • Low-Profile Quick-Adjust Buckles
  • One-Handed Easy to reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Mask Box
  • Color: All Black
  • Snorkel: Blue Reef Ultra 2 Flex Black Silicone Snorkel
  • Black Silicone Flex Tube
  • Purge Valve for Easy Clearing
  • Streamlined Oval-Shaped Barrel
  • Semi-Dry Top
  • Splash-Guard Prevents Water Entering at Surface
  • Patented Quick-Release Swivel Keeper Make's Snorkel Easy to Attach Mask Strap
  • Replaceable Black Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Easy Purge System with Large Self Draining One-Way Valve & Chamber
  • Fins: Hollis F1 Open Heel Bat
  • Power without Compromise
  • Fin Blends Graceful Movement, Power, and Bulletproof Construction
  • Material: High-Grade, Heavy-Duty Rubber
  • Exceptional Strength and Durability
  • Classic Vented Fin Construction with "New Age" Technologies
  • Vented Blade Design with Unique Channel on the Blade Tips:
    Reduce Stress, Accelerating Water Over-the-Blade
    Focus Flow-of-Water for Added Power
  • Spring Heel Fins Straps with Easy-Grip Heel Tabs
  • Heel Tab Loops: Hang Fins for Drying or Storage in Dive Locker
  • Generous Foot Pockets
  • Straps & Foot Pocket: Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Multiple Strap Mounting Positions for a Fine Tuned Fit
  • Strap Mounts are Angled-for-Comfort and Better Transition-of-Power
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Color Choices: All Black or Black with Yellow Tips
  • Bag: Cressi Gorilla Duffel Bag
  • Large and Roomy Dry Duffel Bag
  • Durable PVC Construction
  • Strong Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Sealed Seam
  • Drain Cap for Excess Water Drainage after Washing Gear in Bag
  • Long Enough for Free Diving Fins
  • Won't Leak Water in Vehicle
  • Convenient Top and Side Grab Carry Handles
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Strong Full Length YKK Zipper with Zipper Flap
  • Dimensions: L x W x H) 33.5" x 18" x 14" (85 cm x 45 cm x35 cm)
  • Volume: 8,316 cubic inches (136.3 liters)
  • Weight (empty): 3.2lbs (1.45kg)
  • Color: Black
  • DeFog: Sea Vision Spray De-Fog Bottle
  • Convenient 2 fl oz (59 ml) Pump Spray Applicator
  • Keeps Mask or Glasses Clear and Fog Free
  • Non Toxic Non Abrasive Defog
  • Specially Designed for the CR-39 Lenses on Sea Vision Masks
  • CR-39 Lenses Common to Eyeglass Industry
  • Product-of-Choice for all Dive Mask Lenses
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