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About Genesis Mojave Snorkel Package

Looking for a great package deal, the Genesis Mojave Snorkel Package consists of the following products: Genesis Panoramic view design provides unobstructed vision. With its Dual front and two side window design the Panview indeed gives a panoramic view. Mask incorporates a crystal silicone double feathered edge skirt for a perfect fit, and for easy clearing has a one-way purge valve. Equipped with quick adjustment ratcheted buckles, easy excess nose pocket and light weight low profile design makes the Panview an excellent mask choice for any diver. As with any quality mask it is constructed with four tempered safety glass lenses, the wide split strap keeps the water out for hours of comfortable use. Mask comes with a clear plastic mask box for added protection when in storage. If you travel with your gear mask is extremely light weight. Mask is available in a variety of colors in clear or black silicone. The Panview comes with a 12 month limited warranty.

A truly DRY snorkel! When the Mojave snorkel is submersed, the uniquely designed, hinged seal swings upward to seal the airway. Water can't get in! As you surface, the flap swings open allowing air to re-enter the tube. It's that simple and that dry. Once you return to the surface there is no need to blow into the snorkel to remove water because the dry valve kept it out of the breathing tube.

The Mojave has a clear silicone flex tube and mouthpiece. The angled mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth for hours of snorkeling fun. The mouthpiece is also replaceable and can be removed easily when replacement is necessary (see SKU: GNSSMP). The flexible lower tube makes the Mojave perfect for Scuba by automatically swing out of the way when you are using your Scuba regulator.

The deep reservoir lower mouthpiece section with its one-way purge valve makes clearing the snorkel quick and easy once you surface from a Scuba dive. The adjustable mask strap retainer clip will keep your snorkel perfectly adjusted and ready for use. Once you have completed your dive it also makes removal from the mask easy. Snorkel is available in 5 color choices and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Sherwood took the best features of today's fin technologies and fused them together to come up with the Sherwood Fusion Fun. Using state of the art elastomer, the Fusion Fin provides tremendous power and propulsion in an attractive and rugged fin. Performance engineered center channel and side rails direct water flow off the end of the fin for uncompromising power and efficiency; water does not pour" from the sides of the blade. Unique blend of polymers provide increased flexibility and performance. Optimized side rail structures provide the blade shape and snap that divers need in a power performance fin. Stainless steel spring straps allow easy one-hand removal with a secure fit. Strap will not deform from being overstretched. Comfortably shaped foot pockets ensure no wasted energy exchange from foot to fin. Fin comes in 3 sizes in 2 color choices and is covered with a 12 month limited warranty.

Blue Reef 5mm Men's Dive Boots with Zipper has a comfortable fit due to the two glued and sewn seam design on the boots upper eliminating chafing. The flexible non-skid sole is vulcanized to the upper for strength and durability. The boot has a corrosion resistant plastic zipper for long life and neoprene rubber gusset behind the zipper to minimize water exchange increasing warmth. Boot is available in 9 sizes from 5 to 13 and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Condensation occurs on the inside of your mask lens when diving, if not treated with a defog solution this condensation will create a mist like you see on the bathroom mirror after a shower. This layer of water makes looking through the mask lens impossible. Proper defogging of your dive mask lenses is vital to an enjoyable dive. Using a defogger from a company that has built its reputation on diver's optics is a no brainer. Use only the best from Sea Vision. Sea Vision Defogger comes in a handy 2 oz (59 ml) spray bottle. Just a small amount sprayed on your mask lenses will keep them clear throughout your dive. Make sure you can see everything underwater with this easy to use mask defogger.

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