Tusa Olympic-Tech Snorkel Package

Tusa Olympic-Tech Snorkel Package Features

Looking for a great package deal, the Tusa Olympic-Tec Snorkel Package consists of the following products:

Tusa Platina Two Window Mask (M-20) with its direct sashing 2-window design increases up/down and left/right visibility, its narrowest center joint eliminating field of vision split The mask accommodates corrective lenses easily The unique TUSA mask box is made of soft, high durable plastic to protect your mask
Tusa Xpert Zoom Open Heel fin has a 3 material design for increased performance compared to standard split fins Not only does the Z3 fin have the same features of the original X-pert Zoom fin such as the patented 27 Angle Blade Design Technology but also includes the patented EZ strap and Buckle System
Tusa Imprex II Hyper dry Flex Snorkel (SP-580Q) The exhaust pipe features a special cross-cut design to allow for quick efficient clearing, mouthpiece is specially angled for a perfect fit in your mouth Large capacity drain chamber and oval purge valve with internal purge channel
Tusa Warm & Cold Water Glove "New Style" (DG-5000) has a 2mm backing with reinforced synthetic suede palm for both warmth and protection, along with an adjustable Velcro wrist band for security
Tusa Imprex 5MM Neoprene Boots, Black Injection molded sole with super traction, YKK-zipper, and a great fit, in the typical good looking TUSA design
Tusa Mesh Duffle Dive Bag has an adjustable handle, side pocket with zipper, and mesh bottom that allows water to drain
Sea Vision MaskDe-fog Spray Bottle (2 oz ) Make sure you can see everything underwater with this easy to use mask defogger

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