Cressi Treasure Island Snorkeling Package

Cressi Treasure Island Snorkeling Package

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Aeris Manta 5 mm Boots

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Cressi Frog-Plus Fins

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Cressi Big Eyes Clear Skirt Mask

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Cressi Gamma Snorkel

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Sea Vision 2 fl oz (59 ml) Spray De-Fog Bottle

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Cressi Treasure Island Snorkeling Package Features

Looking for a great package deal, the Cressi-Sub Treasure Island Snorkel Package consists of the following products:

Cressi-Sub "Big Eyes" Clear Skirt Mask
Big Eyes gives you the widest field of vision available today, it is 30° wider in all directions. It is a low volume mask that fits a wide range of faces using a transparent frame which becomes invisible when warn.
Cressi Sub Gamma Snorkel features a wave guide that minimizes water entry while swimming. The mouthpiece is made of comfortable crystal clear silicone and is replaceable. A large exhaust valve insures effortless water clearing.
Cressi-Sub Rondine is the new Cressi open heel fin (patented) made from three different materials. Each one of these materials contributes to create this unbeatable cocktail of lightness, power.
Henderson 5-MM Hyperstretch No-Zip Boot is a zipper less boot design that eliminates cold water entry common with zipper style boots, the Hyperstretch upper makes donning the boot as easy as putting on your socks.
Sea Vision Mask De-fog Spray Bottle (2 oz.) Make sure you can see everything underwater with this easy to use mask defogger.

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