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About Tusa Clearwater Snorkeling Package

Looking for a great package deal, the Tusa Clearwater Snorkel Package consists of the following products:

Tusa Liberator X-Ten Open Heel Fins (SF-5000/SF-5500) has a easy-to-adjust quick-release buckle, the fin is light weight comfortable and non-vented in design for maximum propulsion, without fatigue.
Tusa Liberator Plus Two Window Mask (TM-5700Q) is a low volume 2 windowed square design for sharp looks. It high grade crystal silicone with double fathered skirt edge along with easy to install corrective lenses makes it a great mask choice.
Tusa Imprex II Hyper dry Flex Snorkel (SP-580Q) the exhaust pipe features a special cross-cut design to allow for quick efficient clearing. The Hyper dry system helps to keep the snorkel clearand the mouthpiece is specially angled for a perfect fit in your mouth. This snorkel has a special internal purge channel located below the mouthpiece which deflects exhaled air out the top of the snorkel while excess water drains through the bottom purge valve.
Tusa Warm & Cold Water Glove "New Style" (DG-5000) has a 2mm backing with reinforced synthetic suede palm for both warmth andprotection, along with an adjustable Velcro wrist band for security.
Blue Reef 5MM Men's Dive Boots with Zipper has a comfortable fit due to the two seam design on the boots upper eliminating chafing. The flexible non-skid sole is vulcanized to the upper for strength and durability. The boot has a corrosion resistant plastic zipper for long life. SVNAF Sea Vision Mask De-fog Spray Bottle (2 oz.) Make sure you can see everything underwater with this easy to use mask defogger.

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