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About Blue Reef Open Water Safety Kit

Looking for a great package deal, the Open Water Safety Kit consists of the following products:

Aqua Heavy Duty Dry Box:
This Sturdy Container is made of High Quality, Impact Resistant ABS Resin. An O-Ring Seal helps Protect Contents from the Elements. The Case measures 9" x 6" x 4.5" (22.9 x 15.2 x 11.4 cm) with a volume of 243 cubic inches (4 liters). Dry Box is equipped with 2-Positive Lock Latch Closures and a Side Grab Handle for Ease of Transport. This Dry Box is designed to protect against damage from Salt Air, Dust, Moisture and Sand In the Dry Box are the following:

Blue Reef Diver-Below 4' (1.22 meters) Signal Tube:

The Blue Reef Diver-Below" Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is a great Safety Devise that all Serious Divers Carry-on-Every-Dive. The SMB is the Smart-Way for a Diver to Mark their Location when making Safety Stops, completing mandatory Decompression-Stops and Signaling the Boat if they Surface a distance away from the Boat. This 4' (1.22 meters) Long Signal Tube can be Stowed Easily in a Regular Pocket or Clipped Out-of-the-Way on your BCD. When the SMB is inflated it is long enough to be easily seen from a distance and sturdy enough to stand up to any weather conditions you may encounter. It is also conveniently labeled with "Diver Below" so you can send it up to mark your location.

Surface Marker Buoy features an easy to use Oral Inflation Valve with Lock to Prevent-Accidental Deflation as well as a Larger Over-Pressure/Dump Valve. The SMB is also equipped with a D-Ring at the Top for attachment of a Light, Strobe or Chemical Light for use at night. Blue Reef's SMB's are available in your choice of Neon Yellow or Hi Viz Orange. Don't risk not being seen in an emergency, pick up a Diver-Below SMB today. The Signal Tube is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Aqua Tank Banger:

The Simplest-and-most-Reliable Attention-Getter for Scuba Diving is the Tank Banger. Just Stretch it over the Base of your Scuba Cylinder and your ready to go. If you're Right-Handed place to the Right if you're Left-Handed place it to the Left. You need to Get-Someone's-Attention-Underwater just Pull-the-Ball away from you cylinder and let go BANG! Get the attention of your Buddy, your Students, or other Divers from Long-or-Short Distances. Tank Banger is made of Corrosion Free Plastic and Surgical Rubber Tubing.

6" (15.2 cm) Chemical Light Sticks:

Green Non-Toxic, Glow Safety Light Sticks for Diving, Snorkeling, Camping, or Home Use. It is Completely Waterproof and lasts up to 6 hours. The Chemical Light has a Hook and Eyelet for attachment to SMB or Equipment.

Storm Whistle:

The Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle is the loudest whistle on the market. Its unique patented design allows it to be heard under water, up to 50' (15.2 meters), because the Sounding Chamber Forces all Water to be purged when the Whistle-is-Blown. The Storm Whistle is made in the USA. It's perfect for Scuba Divers, Lifeguards, and for Recreation! The Storm Whistle creates a Clear, High Frequency Sound, with a Power Rating over 75% greater than other Referee and Safety Whistles.

The Storm Whistle has a Decibel Rating of 120 dB Storm Whistle is used by Dive Clubs to Organize Multi-Diver Events and to Signal a fellow Diver while Underwater. The ability of the Storm Whistle to work while Wet is even more important for Boaters and Rescue Individuals, as standard whistles will not work if they have been submerged.

This is why Navy Rescue Boats, Hundreds-of-Thousands of Boaters, and Search and Rescue Teams across the world demand the Power and Waterproof nature of the Storm Whistles. The Storm Whistle can be Heard-Clearly above Noisy Howling Wind and Virtually any Competing Sound; it can even be heard as far away as half a mile (805 meters). Crowd Noise or the Roar of a Loud Engines will not Overpower-the-Sound of the Storm Whistle. Whistle is available in multiple color options.

Leisure Pro Divers Baseball Cap:

Get Free with your order the Leisure Pro Divers Baseball Cap. Diving takes you to some of the sunniest and warmest places on earth, protecting yourself from the heat and damaging UV rays from the sun are important to your health. Always have a cap to protect your head when out or near the water. Let them know you're a diver with this great looking one size fits most ball cap by Leisure Pro. Cap has Leisure Pro with Dive Flag Logo. Cap is made from 100% Cotton.

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