Aeris Competitive Package

Aeris Competitive Package Features

Looking for a great package deal the Aeris Price Buster consists of the following products:

A1 Regulator is a simple and dependable design as is the matching bright yellow covered Aeris A1 Octopus. The Veo 100's enlarged digits, easy-to-read icons, and split screen take the guesswork out of reading your dive computer. Also, the Veo 100 allows you to decide what information displays; now you can customize the display to include only the things you want to keep an eye on during your dives. To complete the package the Aeris EX1 BCD is a weight-integrated BCD that has the necessary bells and whistles without being cumbersome and bulky. All of this great equipment offered in a package price.

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Not available for sale outside of the U. S. and Caribbean