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Ocean Technology MKII-Buddy Phone

Ocean Technology MKII-Buddy Phone

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Ocean Technology MKII-Buddy Phone Features

The patented MKII-BUD Buddy Phone transceiver has an acoustic underwater telephone originally designed for professional Search & Rescue Teams. It is US Navy Approved and being used by many Government divers around the world. The MKII-BUD is configured for the all styles of Interspiro (IS) Although it is still used with Search & Rescue Teams and Militaries commands, the Sport and Movie Industry are quickly standardizing on it. MKII BUD is well known throughout the world as the highest quality underwater communications system available.

MKII-BUD uses ultrasonic upper single sideband for transmission. The MKII-BUD Buddy Phone comes complete with a IS cover plate with Push-to-talk button, a patented HotMic (studio-quality, water proof microphone), and the main transceiver.

How does it work? When the diver enters the water, the MKII-BUD/S powers up and cycles to the receive mode - ready to receive a message. When the diver/s want to transmit, they simply depress the PTT button located on the IS cover plate and talk. All divers and/or surface stations within range and on the same frequency will hear the message.

Key Features

  • US Navy Approved
  • The MKII-BUD is configured for the all styles of Interspiro
  • Works with our new Guardian full face mask
  • Sport and Movie Industry Standard