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OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Package with Buddy Phone, Black

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  • Allows communication between scuba divers
  • Low volume design makes for easy clearing
  • High strength polycarbonate visor (Lens)
  • ABV-1 valve breathe ambient air at surface
  • Balanced downstream demand valve 2nd stage
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About OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Package with Buddy Phone, Black

With over 60 years of diving experience and having sold almost every Full Face Mask (FFM) on the market, it was easy to see there was a need for something better. A common problem with most FFM is the seal. The lack of a good seal causes the diver to use air quicker and can interfere with the diver's ability to hear if using underwater communications. With that in mind, the GFFM was designed around a double seal. This along with many other great features (i.e. semi positive pressure, quick release 2nd stage, easy maintenance, etc. ) is why you will find the Guardian is the best choice for your money when looking for a full face mask.

The Double Seal 55-60 Shore A Liquid Silicone Skirt with High Strength Polycarbonate Visor (Lens) was specifically designed to allow people with a small faces or a slim face, especially in the temple area, to seal better Everyone has a little different face. As divers you all know how important being able to equalize is. Equalizing is a challenge for all full face masks. One-Size does not fit all! In order to ensure everyone can equalize, OTS has put together an Equalizing Kit which comes with every Guardian full face mask. The kit consists of two bases. One is a standard size without any holes. It can be adjusted up or down to fit as necessary. The other base has two holes which allow for different size pads that can be added In the event the standard base does not work for you, one of the pads and the other base should fit the bill.

The Guardian offers an easy to adjust buckle system OTS has made the buckles out of a tough, robust compound which should give you years of use. However if a buckle does break, it will be easy to replace. There is definitely one thing you won't have to worry about and that is RUST. Rust is the number one cause of replacement when using metal buckles. The 5-Point Spider Strap is just the right thickness to allow for a comfortable fit no matter what depth you go to. As you go deeper, the strap will help take up the slack. When you go shallow and everything readjusts, so will the strap keeping you snug in your Guardian full face mask.

The ABV-1 Ambient Breathing Valve allows the user to breathe ambient air at the surface, conserving your tank air It is simple to use and its low profile keeps it out of the way. To use the device, while on the surface simply rotate the valve counterclockwise. The one way valve will open and allow air into the FFM. The one way valve located on the inside of the FFM ensures that your exhaled air does not go back out the valve. Your exhaled air is sent out through the second stage regulator ensuring you do not get a Co2 "building" in the FFM. The valve also is forced closed when diving. The over pressure in the FFM assures that If you forget to close the valve before diving, the valve disc will help keep water out.

The Guardian full face mask has a custom designed Balanced Downstream Demand Valve 2nd Stage Regulator that was specifically designed for a full face mask. OTS also realized what is involved with the maintenance of a full face mask and regulator. They designed the 2nd stage with trouble free maintenance in mind - it is easily removed! This is important for cleaning and/or maintaining your full face mask. The Regulator has an Injected-Molded High-Impact Housing for Strength and Durability and comes with a 32" (81.3 cm) 3/8" threaded Low Pressure Hose.

You paid hard earned money for your Full Face Mask. Why not keep it in a bag designed to store it like it is supposed to be stored. The mask bag was designed to help keep your mask in the right drying position, keeping water from pooling in your 2nd stage regulator. It also has vents to keep good ventilation helping to stop mildew and drain holes to let water drain away from the mask. Lots of storage pockets as well. One is a dry storage compartment! The bag has a carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap. In all, it's a great investment to help keep your valuable GFFM. The Guardian Full-Face Mask is available with a Black Skirt with Black, comes with a 12 month limited warranty and Owner's Manual.

The Buddy Phone D2 is a digital, micro-miniature, ultrasonic transceiver allowing communication between two or more scuba divers or surface stations Using "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) techniques, the Buddy Phone produces uncompromising speech clarity. The Buddy Phone D2 differs from OTS's standard Buddy Phone in that it is digitally controlled and has some fantastic new features such as: a voice menu to guide you adjust your Volume, change from channel A to Channel B or put the Buddy Phone in a continuous voice transmission mode.

Voice Menu: When you submerge with a D2 Buddy Phone, you will hear the voice system say "Buddy Phone ON, frequency A (B), channel one (four), volume High (Medium, Low)," depending on the prior dive's settings. Changing a setting is easy and can be done while underwater Depress the Push-to-talk switch (PTT) three times quickly and hold the third depression until you hear "main menu - volume, channel, continuous transmit. " When you hear the main menu selections, simply depress the PTT to select one of the choices. The unit will make the selection and go back to the receive mode If you don't make a selection after the menu repeats twice, the D2 Buddy Phone goes out of the main selection menu and back to the receive mode (see operators manual for a more detail explanation Note: continuous transmit mode allows the user to talk, hands free. This was requested by many movie makers and scientist who talk on camera often).

The D2 Buddy Phone has a Nominal Range of 165' to 1640.4' (50 to 500 meters), Transmit Output Power of 0.5 watts PEP, uses Standard Frequency Peak Envelope Power (PEP): Recall & Tone: Frequency A (Channel 1) 32.768 kHz USB, Frequency B (Channel 4) 31.250 kHz with an Audio Bandwidth of 300 to 3,000 Hz. The D2 Buddy Phones has a Automatic Gain Control greater than 80 dB, Ceramic Earphones with a Ceramic Cylinder Transducer, Uses the ME-16R Hot-Mic (Dynamic) or Super Mic (Standard) (Ceramic), is Powered by a 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (not included) with a Operational Depth of 130' (30 meters).

The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Package with Buddy Phone, Black is commonly used for Open Water Diving and more. One reason why the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Package with Buddy Phone, Black is popular is because of its Does Not Fog.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(800) 550-1984

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Package with Buddy Phone, Black Features

  • Ocean Technology Systems (OTS): 60 Years of Diving Experience
  • Complete Mask with Regulator and Communication System
  • Mask Bag: Wet & Dry Storage Pockets, Self Ventilating and Drainage with Carry Handle and Shoulder Strap
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Guardian Full Face Mask (GFFM):
  • Double Seal Designed Full Face Mask (FFM) Skirt
  • Skirt Material: 55-60 Shore A Liquid Silicone
  • Double Seal: Fits Small, Slim Faces, Especially in Temple-Area
  • Easy Adjust Buckle System
  • 5-Point Spider Head Strap
  • Low Volume Full-Face Design
  • High Strength Polycarbonate Visor (Lens)
  • Colors: Black Skirt & Frame
  • Equalization Kit:
    Kit Consists of Two Bases, Standard Size and One with Holes
    4-Pads for Custom Fit
  • ABV-1 Valve: Breathe Ambient Air at Surface
    Conserving Tank Air
    Simple to Use
    Operation: to Breath, Rotate Valve Counterclockwise, Close Valve: Rotate Fully Clockwise
    Check Valve: Allows Air-to-Enter Valve Only
    Air is Exhaled-Out the Regulator
    Check Valve: Prevents Gas from Escaping via ABV if Open Underwater
  • Second-Stage Regulator:
  • Balanced Downstream Demand Valve
  • Custom Designed 2nd-Stage
  • Specifically Designed for Full Face Mask
  • Built with Trouble-Free Maintenance in Mind
  • Easily Removed from FFM
  • Easy to Clean Regulator
  • Injected-Molded High-Impact Glass Filled Nylon Housing for Strength and Durability
  • 32" (81.3 cm) 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose
  • Communication System:
  • Buddy Phone D2 System:
  • Digital, Micro-Miniature, Ultrasonic Transceiver
  • Allows: Communication between Two-or-More Scuba Divers or Surface Stations
  • Uses: "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) Techniques
  • Uncompromising Speech Clarity
  • Digitally Controlled: Voice Menu to Adjust Volume, Change Channels, Continuous Voice Transmission Mode
  • Voice Menu: Submerge Hear Buddy Phone ON, frequency A (B), Channel 1 (4), Volume High (Medium, Low)"
  • Easy to Change Settings: Depress the Push-to-talk switch (PTT) 3x Hold and Hear "Main Menu - Volume, Channel, Continuous Transmit"
  • Simply Depress the PTT to Select Choices
  • Note: Continuous Transmit Mode for Hands Free Talking
  • Nominal Range: 165' to 1640.4' (50 to 500 meters)
  • Transmission Type: Ultrasound: Using Upper Single Sideband (USB)
  • Transmit Output Power: 0.5 watts Peak Envelope Power
  • Standard Frequency Peak Envelope Power (PEP):
    Recall & Tone: Frequency A (Channel 1) 32.768 kHz USB
    Frequency B (Channel 4) 31.250 kHz
  • Audio Bandwidth: 300 to 3,000 Hz
  • Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 80 dB
  • Ceramic Earphones with a Ceramic Cylinder Transducer
  • Uses the ME-16R Hot-Mic (Dynamic) or Super Mic (Standard) (Ceramic)
  • Power: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Operational Depth of 130' (30 meters).

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