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Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box Blue


Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box Blue Features

What's in the box: Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box

Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box
Use this Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box to protect your gear. The dry box is an essential item to take along on many of your adventures, thanks to its ability to safeguard your gear. It is ideal to hold your iPhone 4/4s in its defender case, with enough room left over for your keys or other small items. This box is waterproof up to a depth of 100 ft., making it ideal for all kinds of water sports. It also protects your equipment from being crushed and has interior cushioning if you happen to drop it. The dry box features a latch that is very easy to open, for your convenience. It is small enough to fit inside a backpack pocket, making it very portable. The box includes a carabiner loop that you can lock for security. There are several colors to choose from such as blue, black, and clear. Enjoy your adventure more with this Otter Pursuits/20 Waterproof Dry Box.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Open Latch
  • Interior Cushioning
  • Lockable Carabineer Loop
  • iPhone 4/4S with a Defender Series Case and Keys 
  • Wallet and Keys
  • Slide it onto your messenger bag strap when logging those road miles
  • Tether it to your backpack with essential survival gear inside
  • Take it on your travels to keep your passport and wallet safe when you lock it
  • Essential to every gear bag for its watertight qualities
  • The whole box fits in a backpack pocket
  • Easy to clean after each adventure
  • Tether to Belt Loops
  • Colors: Black, Blue or Clear
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty