Omer Sub Weight Harness X-Small/Small

Omer Sub Weight Harness X-Small/Small Features

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Weight belts can be a real hassle when spear fishing, having to adjust them at depth, when you return to the surface, or just when you're ready to shoot you feel it slipping down to your thighs, yes a real hassle. Eliminate the problem with Omer's Gilet Weight Harness.
The Gilet Harness is manufactured with Nylon jersey double lined 3mm neoprene, with elastic bindings.
It is camouflage colored on the outside and black on the inside.
It features 6 weight pockets, which can carry 2 to 4lbs (1 or 2kg) weights.
4 pockets are positioned on the back and 2 pockets in front on the sides.
These 2 pockets are accessible at any time, allowing the hunter to adjust the weight even while in the water.
The hunter can carry from 2 to 26lbs (2 to 12Kgs) of weight.

Key Features

  • Won't Slip Off Like weight Belt
  • Weights Can't Accidently Open Buckle as with Weight Belts
  • Four Pockets

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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