Omersub T-20 Carbon Speargun

Omersub T-20 Carbon Speargun Features

The T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic and the T20 Carbon Med Mimetic spearguns, features two different thickness of tubes depending on the lengths of the spearguns The barrel is 1 75mm thick for lengths up to 110cm and 1 85mm for the longer guns The (Med Mimetic) Carbon barrel is painted in green with darker green spots to perfectly blend in with the green latex slings and the camouflaged wishbones

The new open muzzle is designed to work with up to two circular bands in diameters form 16 to 20mm The dimensions have been reduced to the minimum avoiding any visual impediment when aiming The muzzle has been camouflaged in the same colors of the handle

The general design of the handle and of the triggering mechanism are the same of the classic T20 speargun The top, and most visible, part of the handle has been camouflaged through highly resistant 3D coating

T20 Carbon Ocean or Med Mimetic features an additional ergonomic handle, designed to perfectly fit in the hand to allow perfect and quick aiming The handle is designed only for right handed Left handed can use the standard Omer handle also supplied with the gun

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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