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About Omer Tempest Pneumatic Speargun

The Omer Tempest Pneumatic Speargun is an incredibly powerful, yet extremely manageable speargun. Its ergonomic design and simplistic loading and pressurizing system make it a must have for spearfisherman who may find themselves in confined spaces. Pneumatic guns feature a shorter barrel and are less cumbersome overall.

The barrel is constructed with aluminum alloy and undergoes an innovative treatment that protects the barrel from corrosive damage for 10 or more years. This also makes the speargun extremely durable and impact resistant. Enlarged vent holes allow the discharge of water all while minimizing the braking effect on the piston. This makes for an incredibly powerful, accurate, and clean shot. The gun features an ergonomic design that allows the user to shoot at an effective angle that keeps the gun in line with the entire arm. This allows for maximum power without strain on the user. The grip is manufactured with soft thermoplastic rubber that further aids to the overall comfort of the gun, Additionally, it takes advantage of bright white coloring for easy spotting from the surface if it is dropped.

The Omer Tempest features an 8mm stainless steel flopper shaft for secure catches. Once the shaft penetrates the target, the barbs stop it from dislodging. The Tempest also includes an Omer shaft loader and pump for quick pressurizing and seamless loading. The Omer Tempest is the perfect speargun for confined areas and close encounters due to its incredibly small size all while packing a comfortable and powerful shot.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 853-1911

Omer Tempest Pneumatic Speargun Features

  • Compact, powerful pneumatic speargun
  • Ergonomic design and simplistic loading system
  • Great for confined spaces or close quarters
  • Durably Aluminum alloy barrel
  • New, innovative treatment process protects the barrel from corrosion for 10 years
  • Enlarged vent holes allow better water discharge
  • Ergonomic grip for an improved wrist angle
  • Soft thermoplastic rubber grip for added comfort
  • Grip is also bright white and easy to spot if dropped
  • Stainless steel 8mm shaft
  • Pump and loader included

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