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About OMERSUB New Torpedo Buoy with Removable Flags

New and Improved Economical Torpedo Float is ideal for use with a Tow Line to Signal the Diver's Presence. The Torpedo Buoy is made of a more Durable PVC Material than similar Floats. Includes Traditional Red & White Diver-Down" Flag as well as International Diver-Down Code Flag Alpha which means I have a diver down keep well clear and proceed at slow speed. The Alpha Dive Flag is the True-International Diver-Down" Flag Recognized-Around-the-World as the Signal-to-Boaters that Divers-are-Below. Having both Flags will allow you to Dive-Safely anywhere in the World. Torpedo Shape makes it Easy-to-Drag on the Surface and provides Flotation for Fish Stringer and Accessories.

Float has a Bottom-Center Pouch that serves as a Water-Ballast Compartment and when filled provides Stability. The New Torpedo Float comes with a Light High-Visibility Orange Floating Tow/Anchor Line with Plastic Non-Corrosive Gate Snap Clip. The Float has a simple Pop-Out" Air Mattress Style Inflation Valve and when Deflated is Easy to Stow in your Dive Bag. Flags are Removable and the Float is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 853-1911

OMERSUB New Torpedo Buoy with Removable Flags Features

  • Increases Safety in Diving
  • Easy to Inflate
  • Bright Orange PVC Float
  • 2-Flags for World-Wide Dive Safety:
    Traditional Red and White Diver-Down" Flag
    Alpha Dive Flag: True-International Diver-Down" Flag Recognized-Around-the-World as the Signal-to-Boaters that Divers-are-Below
    Having Both Flags Allows-You to Dive-Safely Anywhere in the World
  • Compact when Deflated for Easy Storage
  • Highly Visible when Inflated-on-the-Surface
  • Removable Flag Design
  • Simple Pop-Out" Air Mattress Style Inflation Valve
  • Torpedo Shaped: Easy-to-Drag on Surface
  • Multiple Attachment Points for Accessory Items
  • Buoy Line with Gate Clip
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

OMERSUB New Torpedo Buoy with Removable Flags Specifications

Inflatable Or Platform
Dive Flag
Yes, Traditional Red & White "Diver-Down" Flag And Blue & White Alpha Flag
Float: Orange, Flags: (Traditional) Red & White, (International) Blue & White
Inflation Valve
Pop-Out" Air Mattress Style
Weight [with packaging]
0.85 lb
Mfr #

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Questions about this item:

Khaled M  How do you fill water into the center pouch? Is it a regular valve like the one you use to blow it up with? Can the center pouch be inflated with air as a backup pouch or will it become too unstable?
PAUL N  I don't fool with that, I just inserted one 4oz lead fishing weight in each of the four tie down holes so you don't have to drain water out.When done swimming I toss it in the car and take off. PS buy the ones that are solid lead that form a loop at the top. The loops fit very snug and can't fall out.
Shopper  Is there any way to change the flag for a bigger one? The pole seems small too.
BARBARA L  I pruchased this as a gift. I have forwarded your questions to my son-in-law. Hopefully, he can help you out.
Shopper  How long is teh cord that comes with the buoy?
JOHN M  I never measured the cord, but it is reasonably long, probably at least 20 feet. It can easily be made longer or shorter. It is in any case long enough for for my purposes: snorkeling and free diving to the bottom in water up to 15 feet deep. It is small, and cannot really be seen in rough water or by speeding boats. It is difficult to tow in the ocean with more than about 5 or 6 feet of lead line unless the surface is very calm. The attachment for a stabilizing weight works fairly well. The torpedo buoy is useful to hang small things from or attach items to if you don't always want to hold them in your hand while you are casually exploring shallow reefs. It is quite ruggedly made for its price. The little flags are worthless toys.
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