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About Omer Manny Puig PoleSpear 3 piece 8.5'

The three piece modular design is made up of two equal length 3ft sections and a 2 ½ft spear with an integrated Hawaiian style barb for an 8.5ft overall full length. The workmanship is unparalleled by any pole spear we've seen apparent through the tapered cone tipshape, the quality of the aluminum and stainless steel used, and the positive grips machined in different crucial sections of the pole spear.

The ½" rubber sling is tied using Manny's trademark "double knot" which provides two different power stretch positions and the possibility to connect a float line to the knot in the rubber itself instead of to the back of the pole spear thereby not compromising the flight of the pole spear. Performance of the pole spear is remarkable taking these factors into account. Optional accessories for Manny Puig's Signature Pole spear include a carrying pouch and an extra Knuckle to turn the pole spear into a 5.5' complete spear.

The Omer Manny Puig PoleSpear 3 piece 8.5' is commonly used for Large Prey, Open Water and more. The Omer Manny Puig PoleSpear 3 piece 8.5' is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Omer Manny Puig PoleSpear 3 piece 8.5': Accurate, Fast.

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