OmerSub Float Line 60 Norprene Bungee

OmerSub Float Line 60 Norprene Bungee

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OmerSub Float Line 60 Norprene Bungee Features

Norprene is the standard for blue water hunting bungee applications. First used by Blue Water Hunting pioneers like Terry Maas during the 1980's for the pursuit of Giant Tunas Norprene's properties offering gradual resistance and stretch to 150% (x2.5 original length) of its original length. The new 60' Norprene Bungee uses 3/8" (9.6mm) tubing combined with 150' of 1000lb Dyneema Core. On the terminal side it has a Large Tuna clip on one end that's ideal to attach to the float system, and a 500lb ball bearing snap swivel to attach to the gun handle in a streamline manner. The shock absorption qualities of the norprene system used in conjunction with a float system of the right size provide very forgiving recoil properties which help reducethe risk of ripping off trophy fish

Key Features

  • Norprene Material
  • Gradual Resistance and Stretch 150%
  • 1000lb Dyneema Core
  • Large Tuna Clip End
  • 500lb Ball Baring Snap Swivel End