OmerSub Bat 25 Med Mimetic Full Foot Freediving Fins

OmerSub Bat 25 Med Mimetic Full Foot Freediving Fins Features

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These completely new blades have been introduced by Omersub at the beginning of the year 2003, after a long research, to replace the carbon fiber blades, which had been until that time, the sole credible alternative for performing free diving fin blades These blades are produced from sheets of composite fibers, usually utilized for highly technical and performing electrical and aeronautical applications, which are then machined on high speed Rambaudi CNC machines Depending on the thickness of the original sheets, which is either 1 6mm or 2 0mm, and the thickness of material scalped, we have obtained three different types of blades: BAT25, BAT30 and BAT40

The BAT25 is the softer version, the BAT30 has a medium stiffness and the BAT40 is the one with highest stiffness and performing action The result is an incredible blade, as performing as a carbon fiber blade but with a much higher resistance to both impact and bending The non return plastic point is virtually unreachable for this application Every blade is machined with extremely small tolerances, resulting in a complete consistency of production The blade is scalped, at different thickness depending on the model, only in channels in the inside parts of the blade, leaving a thick crown on the perimeter which greatly increases impact resistance, without compromising the bending efficiency and blade return The blade is reinforced on the side with an additional extruded rubber profile which also channels the water during the strokes avoiding skidding The blades are all sublimated with abrasion resistant camouflage color paint

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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