Omer Cayman ET Black Speargun 130 cm

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About Omer Cayman ET Black Speargun

Cayman E.T. CAMU: The camouflage version differs from the stock version with a three-dimensional camouflage speargun barrel using _heat-transfer? technology.
In addition to a longer butt and a rubberized butt for chest loading the camouflage version also includes an ergonomic handle for right handed divers.

This new integrated spear-shaft guide can accommodate shafts up to 7mm. Once the spear shaft is inserted in the track the shooting line doesn't need to be wrapped around the shaft in the muzzle.

The diameter of the aluminum is 1.2mm in the shorter versions (up to 95cm) while it becomes 1.5mm in the longer sizes (from 105 to 130cm). This way the correct mass is guaranteed as well as the perfect stiffness of the barrel.

The new muzzle is designed for the use of one or two circular bands

The geometry of the muzzle places the loaded power bands in a low profile position that improves maneuverability and clears the line of sight. The positioning of the bands ensures a perfectly parallel band release without rubbing on the barrel.

The Enclosed Track guns in 75cm, 85cm, and 95cm come stock with an America 6,5mm shark-fin shaft and Power 18mm bands. The 105cm,115cm, and 130cm versions come instead with an America 6,75mm Shark-fin shaft and double 16mm bands.

In the muzzle is a small compartment designed for lead weights to customize the ballast of the gun based upon the band and shaft power configuration

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