Omer Cayman Carbon Spear Gun with Reel

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About Omer Cayman Carbon Spear Gun with Reel

The Cayman Carbon Spear Gun Handle is new, featuring Ergonomic and Mechanically Innovative Characteristics. The Triggering Mechanism is Highly Sensitive and Extremely Resistant to the Traction of the Bands. When gripping the guns handle, the position of the hunters hand is high in relation to the spear shaft, allowing quick aiming and greater absorption of gun recoil. The Line Release is manufactured in Die Cast Stainless Steel and is positioned on the side of the gun handle, allowing it to be used functionally with a reel. The Trigger Safety is also positioned on the side of the handle for easy release with minimal distraction when on the hunt. The Reel Guide is very slim allowing the space between the reel and the barrel to be reduced to the minimum.

Cayman Carbon features a 1" (25 mm) diameter Carbon Fiber Barrel with a wall thickness of 0.60" (1.5 mm) and an Integral Carbon Fiber Shaft Guide. The Shaft Guide is not added to the barrel but is an Integral Part of it. This Special Profile also contributes to the greater stiffness of the barrel for maximum shooting accuracy.

Match 50 Reel
Half enclosed plastic reels with a capacity of 165' (50 meters) of 0.60" (1.5 mm) diameter line. Reel comes equipped with the line. The Reel works horizontally for a lower more streamline profile, lowering water resistance. The movement of standard plastic reels is usually very rough. The problem is that the plastic spool rotates on a plastic shaft and this plastic on plastic situation creates friction, resulting in an uneven movement. Omer has solved this problem on Match Reels by inserting two Brass Bushings on the body of the reel. This way the movement is made plastic on metal resulting in a perfectly smooth rotational movement. The Match 50 features a Retractable Handle, operated by a metal spring, greatly reducing the overall dimensions of the reel when not operated.

The reel is equipped with a classic standard Locking Friction Mechanism which holds the reel in a locked position. In addition, the reels also feature a drag system which keeps the line in tension even when the Locking Friction Mechanism is not engaged. A Small Steel Line Guide which freely slides, in a plastic guide on a longitudinal axis's, allows the line to scroll out smoothly. The Cayman Carbon Spear Gun is available in 4 gun lengths of 29.53" (75 cm), 35.4" (90 cm), 39.37" (100 cm) and 43.3" (110 cm). Gun comes standard with a 0.25" (6.5 mm) Spear Shaft and a Power 18 Circular Sling (band) with a 0.25" (6.5 mm) diameter.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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