Omersub Blue Water Float

Omersub Blue Water Float Features

Technosport Blue Water Floats

Specifically designed for the rigors of blue water hunting, our new floats fit not only the necessities of a heavy duty submersible float but also keep the divers budget in mind

Constructed from Hypalon material used for inflatable RIB boats and using a standard car valve stem, even when dunked to considerable depths the higher pressure compared to orally inflated floats ensures your floats are coming back up to the surface

Sometimes fast and powerful blue water fish have the tendency to go deep while running By providing gradual resistance through the use of these specialized floats helps minimize the chances to rip the fish off with too much sudden pressure as well as ensuring the floats always provide positive lifting buoyancy even at depth Conventional orally inflatable floats don't have the ability to hold as much pressure for a float of the same size

Easy to travel with, they are easily inflated anywhere at local service stations or by carrying a hand bicycle pump while traveling to remote locations The high visibility bright yellow color makes them easy to locate when scanning over the surface of the ocean for the fish of a lifetime Two sizes available 11 Liter and 30 Liter Used singly, The 11 Liter version is ideal for fish less than 100lbs while the 30 Liter are more specifically intended for hunting fish such as tunas over 100lbs Multiple floats can be tied in tandem to have the desired resistance to submersion