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About Omer Bungees

BUNGEES: Muzzle Bungees Specifically Designed for Spear Guns. Muzzle Bungees Act as Shock Cords to keep the Shooting Line Taught on Spear Guns. The SNAP-CLIP is made up of a piece of Latex Hollow Tubing with a Spiraling Double Line in the Center that Elongates Up-to-Three Times its Original Length and has a High Strength Snap-Clip that Swivels 360 degrees, making it Easy-to-Remove-and-Hook to the Shooting Line.

The Pigtail Features the same Qualities as the Snap Clip with the exception that the Swivel Design is Shaped like a Pigtail Swivel. The Pigtail Swivel avoids the chances of accidentally forgetting to Re-Snap the Swivel and is preferred by some divers over the more Traditional Snap-Clip Design.

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