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About Omer 5 Prong Spring Steel Points Speartip

Back in 1967 Omer-Sub invented and patented the first 3 and 5 metal point's multi-prongs with a polymer base (Pat. N. 113016 Dated Feb. 14 1967). In the early 70's we were already using Mustad points and, it was not long after, that everyone else on the market was copying these revolutionary products. Omer-Sub "Tri-flex" and "Penta-flex" multi-prongs introduced a new way of spear fishing with multi-prongs, making it as technical as spear fishing with Tahitian shafts.

The polymer base, made in elastomerised PA66, feature a revolutionary hydrodynamic design with reinforcements in the areas around the metal points, where the highest mechanical stress occurs. Inside the polymer base, there's an AISI 304 stainless steel threaded fitting. This fitting has been positioned much closer to the metal points, compared to other multi-prongs on the market. For all models, 30mm of the shaft is inserted in the base of the multi-prongs, greatly increasing mechanical resistance and linearity between the multi-prongs and the shaft.

MUSTAD POINTS For more than 100 years, Mustad has been known as the world's largest manufacturer of fishhooks. Mustad points used on Omer-Sub multi-prongs are manufactured with a similar technology used to manufacture hooks and the same top quality steels, heat treatment and nickel plating finish. The steel used to manufacture these points is C82 and the hardness is 170Kg/mm2.

OMER POINTS Manufactured with heat treated AISI420B steel, they feature a similar design to the original Mustad points, with a hardness of 180Kg/mm2.

Having the right spear tip can make the difference between bringing home the trophy fish, and being skunked. The Omer 4 Point SpearTip has a hydrodynamic design; the plastic base is manufactured with a highly resistant resin, with the OMER steel points with hardness of 50HRC. Be sure to have the right tip for the right job.

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