Ocean Pro Cyberskin 2mm Gloves, Black

closeout Ocean Pro Cyberskin 2mm Gloves, Black

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Ocean Pro Cyberskin 2mm Gloves, Black Features

What's in the box: Pair of Gloves and Mesh Bag

If you're looking for an economical dive gloves then the Ocean Pro Cyberskin 1.5 mm Gloves just might fit the bill. The all Nylon II Neoprene Rubber Gloves are made from a Super Stretch Neoprene designed to Maximize Dexterity, give Thermal and Abrasion Resistance, yet not at the expense of Feel and Touch. Constructed with Minimized Paneling, Sewn Seams, Taped Edges, Palm and Fingers of the Gloves are Rubberized Reinforced, all to Increase the Gloves Durability.

Gloves are available in 3 Sizes: X-Small, Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. The Cyberskin 1.5 mm Gloves come with a Drawstring Mesh Bag which can be used for storage and can also double as a small collection bag when you dive.

Key Features

  • Ocean Pro Cyberskin 2mm Gloves
  • Economical Dive Gloves
  • Super Stretch Nylon II Neoprene Rubber
  • Maximize Dexterity, Thermal and Abrasion Resistance
  • Maximized Feel and Touch
  • Minimized Paneling
  • Sewn Seams
  • Taped Edges
  • Palm and Fingers of Gloves are Rubberized Reinforced
  • Drawstring Mesh Bag
  • Mesh Bag can Double as Collection Bag
  • 3 Sizes: X-Small, Small/Medium and Large/X-Large