O'Neill Epic 4/3 mm Men's Full Suit, Black

O'Neill Epic 4/3 mm Men's Full Suit, Black Features

What's in the box: O'Neill Epic 4/3 mm Men's Full Suit

Get maximum water sport performance without the chilly sensation with O'Neill Epic 4/3mm Full-Suit. High quality 100% Super-Stretch a blend of 40% Ultra-Flex DS and 60% Fluid-Flex neoprene provides soft and stretchy comfort, lightweight and improved stretch that gives you total freedom of movement while surfing or snorkeling. Suit has a covert blackout rear zipper entry that has off-set teeth an interlocking zipper that keeps water from entering at the back entry point. With lumbar seamless design (LSD) that reduces the amount of water entering the suit while Krypto Knee Padz keeps your knees protected from abrasions.

Suit is equipped with a double seal neck closure, has strategic zero seamed under arms, paddle zones and all seams are triple glued and double blind stitched (GBS) for strength, durability and water tight integrity. Water wicking firewall insulation ensures breathable warmth and moisture free comfort as you attack the waves. Suit has an external key pocket for easy access after your water sessions. The O'Neill Epic 4/3 mm Full Suit combines excellent quality and great value for your money. Suit is black in color, available in multiple sizes and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Maximum Water Sport Performance w/o the Chilly-Sensation
  • High Quality 100% Super-Stretch: 40% Ultra-Flex DS and 60% Fluid-Flex 4/3 mm Neoprene
  • Soft-and-Stretchy Comfort
  • Lightweight and Improved Stretch
  • Total Freedom of Movement while Surfing or Snorkeling
  • Covert Blackout Rear Zipper Entry: Off-Set Teeth an Interlocking Zipper Keeps Water from Entering at Back-Entry Point
  • Lumbar Seamless Design (LSD) Reduces Water Entry
  • Krypto Knee Padz, Knees Protected from Abrasions
  • Double Seal Neck Closure
  • Strategic Zero Seamed Under Arms, Paddle Zones
  • Seams: Triple Glued and Double Blind Stitched (GBS) for Strength, Durability and Water Tight Integrity
  • Water Wicking Firewall Insulation
  • Breathable Warmth and Moisture-Free Comfort
  • External Key Pocket for Easy Access
  • Excellent Quality and Great Value
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Color: Black
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.