OMS 5MM Drysuit Glove

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OMS 5MM Drysuit Glove Features

The new OMS Ultimate Dry Suit Glove is wreck diving engineered to keep your hands warm and protect drysuit sleeves and critical wrist seals from sharp objects with its rugged gauntlet

Unlike equalized dry gloves that can breech and flood your drysuit, the OMS Ultimate Glove is engineered to accept a small amount of pre-dive warm water and keep it in the hand area with its unique wrist seal These seals are designed to be placed over your drysuit wrist seals and keep warm water in, cold water out, with no opportunity of water migrating from the glove into your drysuit

The ergonomically shaped Kevlar palm protects the hand against sharp objects and its superior abrasion resistance outlasts other materials by as much as 1200%

Key Features

  • 5 mm Kevlarˆreinforced palm with urethane coating.
  • 3 mm skin - wrist seal.
  • Extra long zippered gauntlet.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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