OMS Comfort Harness System II with Aluminum Plate Un-Strung

OMS Comfort Harness System II with Aluminum Plate Un-Strung Features

Back plates: OMS's superior de-burring process eliminates back plate sharp edges, and prevents abrasion and cuts to webbing and BC's The Aluminum Back plate weighs 1 75 lbs The Aluminum Plate include the following slots: 1" and 2" width Crotch Strap, (2) CamBand, and a bottom slot to accommodate band bolts that are slightly off 11" On Center Aluminum plate is Hard Coat Anodized and now incorporates additional slots to mount cam bands for single cylinder configuration

Harness The OMS Comfort Harness System II is perfect for those who want a quality diving harness The Comfort Harness System II is a cross shoulder harness This means each side of the upper harness crosses at the top (behind the diver's head), then joins to the lower assemblies on the opposite side Top left to lower right and top right to lower left This is a design for superior comfort The Comfort Harness now incorporates a pull dump tunnel on each shoulder pad Comfort Harness System II with adjustable Oblique webbing and (4) Chest Mounted D-Rings (Assembly to Back Plate Required)

Key Features

  • Back Plate Features:
    De-Burred Surfaces Prevent Sharp Edges
    1,75lbs in Weight
    Hard Coat Anodized Surface
    Slots for Single Cylinder Configuration

  • Harness Features:
    Cross Shoulder Harness for Increased Comfort
    6 Stainless Steel D-Rings 4 are Chest Mount
    Metal Waist Buckle
    Crotch Strap

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(845) 692-3600