OMS 19" Corrugated inflator airway Hose

OMS 19" Corrugated inflator airway Hose Features

Your gear is set up and almost ready to put on for the dive, you push the power inflator button on your BCD and you find your BCD won't hold any air! Under closer inspection you find a rip in your corrugated inflator hose Unless you carry a spare in your Save-A-Dive kit well you know! Don't let a hose make you abort a dive OMS's 19" corrugated hose can save a dive when you need it Hose is built to OMS's standards and may just get you back in the water sooner than you think

Key Features

  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • Fits OMS BCD's
  • Built to OMS Standards

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(845) 692-3600

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