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About Omega Amphibian Navigator Float Tube Flip Fins

The most important and indispensable accessory for fishing from float tube is fins They provide the force to move around in your float tube or inflatable pontoon boat and the maneuverability necessary to play a fish and counter the forces of wind and current High performance fins enable an angler to move to a new location quickly, hover in the perfect position for casting and work a shoreline with precision and ease

Build using Amphibian fin system, Navigator Flipfins have proven to be the best fins for fishing from Float Tubes or Inflatable Pontoons out there If you want maximum distance with minimum effort and best maneuverability, then these are the flip fins for you!

Flipfins revolutionary and durable Aqua-Hinge mechanism and highly efficient blade design provide an essential combination of performance and safety for all float tubers and pontoon fisherman Prominent central web configuration contributes to increased propulsion and reduces load required during sustained kicking, while providing maximum power and best comfort at the same time

Amphibian Fin System by Omega Aquatics is designed to be strapped on prior to entering the water and removed after exiting These fins have the heavy-duty, military grade stainless steel springs that push the blade webbing up against the shin while on the shore Once on the water, fins blades are flipped down into swimming position by simply kicking naturally in the water or by pressing the blade with the back of your heel to lock, and flipped back up by pushing back on the release levers prior to getting out Flip fins designed to work well with boot or stocking foot waders

With Navigator Flipfins you get the ultimate performance that will allow you to enhance your fishing experience

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