Olympus M 256mb xD Picture Memory Card.


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About Olympus M 256mb xD Picture Memory Card.

The Olympus xD-Picture Card Is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices It's powerful for amazing memory capacity now, and increased memory capacity in the future It's durable, making it a media you can trust with your most valuable data And it's versatile, for unprecedented device flexibility Olympus xD-Picture Cards - the most advanced digital media cards ever for the best digital images yet Nothing's impossible

Quickly and easily transferring images and data to a computer is a cinch when the Olympus xD-Picture Card is used with any xD-compatible product And it's just as easy using non-xD devices as well, thanks to a number of groundbreaking adapters that will be available including a CompactFlash Adapter, SmartMedia USB Reader/Writer, and PCMCIA/PC Card Adapter

Olympus xD-Picture Cards are the only xD cards that support the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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