Olympus Underwater Housing for C-5000 Digital Camera #PT-019

closeout Olympus Underwater Housing for C-5000 Digital Camera #PT-019

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Olympus Underwater Housing for C-5000 Digital Camera #PT-019 Features

Now you can take your digital photography to even greater depths with Olympus Digital Underwater Housings,

A clear and durable polycarbonate case provides an attractive shield for your digital camera as you explore your underwater surroundings at depths up to 131 feet A tight O-ring main seal with safety lock, along with stainless steel and nickel-plated brass hardware, help to ensure protection from corrosion for years to come

A fluorite (FL) glass window gives your digital camera's powerful Olympus lens the protection and clear gateway it needs to deliver crisp detail and vibrant color An integrated flash diffuser panel lets you utilize your camera's internal flash for lighting purposes And an easy-to-see LCD panel lets you admire the beauty that lies beneath the surface instantly, giving you the freedom to enjoy your pictures and even edit them if you like

It would be useless to take pictures underwater if you didn't have the ability to capture the results you wanted That's why the Olympus Digital Underwater Housings give you full control over your camera Each one features a large, responsive shutter button, precision zoom lever, and durable controls to lend you access to everything your Olympus digital camera has to offer They're even great on land for skiing, etc

So protect your images Protect your camera And do so knowing you're still capturing the most realistic digital images yet

Camera not Included

Key Features

  • Heavy duty polycarbonate case performs at depths up to 131 ft.
  • Fluorite (FL) glass lens for extreme clarity.
  • Easy to use shutter and zoom levers and durable stainless steel Nickel-plated brass buttons provide complete access to all of your camera's features.
  • Integrated flash diffuser panel to effectively utilize cameras internal flash.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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