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About Ocean Reef GSM G Divers Communication System, Yellow

The underwater communication allows a great evolution of the diving activity and an outstanding improvement of the underwater instruction and education. Besides, the underwater communication is also making the diving activity safer and more enjoyable. The new GSM G.divers transceiver (high performance communication system) expands the diver's ability to communicate with others verbally. The ultrasonic transceiver boasts the autonomy of approximately 30 hours in receiving mode, a range of operation of over 600' (200-250 meters) in calm sea water, lightweight and sleek design. It is a powerful, single channel and inexpensive PTT (push to talk) underwater wireless communication unit. The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water and it uses a 9V alkaline battery with a low battery alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low (1-hour runtime remaining).

The GSM G.divers communication unit is the perfect addition to any training class or guided tour and operates on the same 32.768 kHz frequency as all other OCEAN REEF units and most popular wireless communication units on the market. GSM G.divers uses a D-Mic, a special microphone with the housing sealed by hydrophobic membrane which is permeable to air, but prevents water from passing through the electronics The membrane's reduced thickness limits any reduction of the vocal signal. The permeability of the membrane keeps the internal pressure equalized with the external pressure, enabling the microphone to be used at practically any depth.

Each GSM G.divers comes with the NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support) (code 33054). The patented NACS is an adjustable support arm for the GSM G.divers and other OCEAN REEF underwater communication units. It can be installed on the left side of the mask and prevents the communication unit from hanging on the mask strap. By relieving the weight of the communication unit, the NACS also allows the mask strap to slide easily through the buckle; thus, the strap can stay loose while the mask is donned and the communicator stays out of the way. The NACS can be adjusted for tilt and distance between the communication unit and the visor. Unit is depth rated for 120' (40 meters) comes with an owner's manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(800) 922-1764

Ocean Reef GSM G Divers Communication System, Yellow Features

  • Ocean Reef GSM G Divers Communication System
  • Underwater Communication:
    Allows a Great Evolution of Diving Activity
    Outstanding Improvement of Underwater Instruction and Education
    Makes Diving Activities Safer and More Enjoyable
  • High Performance Communication System
  • Ultrasonic Transceiver
  • Autonomy of Approximately 30-Hours in Receiving Mode
  • Range of Operation Over 600' (200-250 meters) in Calm Sea Water
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Powerful, Single Channel 32.768 kHz Frequency
  • PTT (push to talk) Underwater Wireless Communication Unit
  • Automatically Activates Upon Contact with Water
  • Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Low Battery Alarm:
    Activates at 1-Hour Power reserve
    Beeps Every 30-Seconds when Battery Low
  • Depth Rating: 120' (40 meters)
  • Perfect Addition to Any Training Class or Guided Tour
  • OCEAN REEF: Most Popular Wireless Communication on the Market
  • D-Mic, Special Microphone:
    Housing Sealed by Hydrophobic Membrane
    Permeable to Air, Prevents Water from Passing Thru Electronics
    Membrane's Reduced Thickness Limits Reduction of Vocal Signal
    Permeability of Membrane Keeps Internal Pressure Equalized
    Microphone Used at Practically Any Depth
  • Includes NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support)
  • Owner's Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Ocean Reef GSM G Divers Communication System, Yellow Specifications

Through-Water Transmission
Yes, Wireless Ultrasonic
Microphone Type
Push-to-Talk (Through-Water)
Range (Feet/Meters)
600' (200 meters)
Standard Frequency (PEP)
32.768 kHz
Battery Type
9V Alkaline
Operational Depth
120' (40 meters)
Weight [with packaging]
1.25 lb
Mfr #

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Questions about this item:

reuben p  I have a dive team for the Sheriff Office and I am interested in these for safety issues can you talk to more than one diver? we have 7 divers on our team thanks
MITCHELL M  I do not recommend , the mask is great but the audio is lacking
Shopper  Hi so it is two Pieces one wih diver and one with receiver on boat and can both speak to each other or only diver speaks and boat unit recieves ????
DEBORAH K  Divers can talk both to one another and the boat. Boat can communicate with the divers as well. It is open communication with all. There is a receiver unit on the boat that must be used with the mask, GSM unit that the diver wears that enables topside communication. We have the battery operated system with a receiver and mic. Ocean Reef has now made wireless units with head/mic equipment available. We would love to get one of those. We have had our unit since 2002 and have not had any trouble. Our boat crew uses a set of earphones to cut down on outside noise. We are on our second set of Space Masks/GSM G units.
Shopper  would it be possible to use over a surveyor latex hood with inner lining?
FLINT P  As long as you can get it to seal around your face. You can hear it great. We put neoprene socks over our ear pieces because they are so loud. There is no volume control on the underwater ear piece. They don't need to be a tight fit as loose as you can get and still hold air in. Otherwise it will shutter when you breathe.
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