Ocean Reef Neptune II Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef Neptune II Full Face Mask Features

What's in the box: Neptune II NIRA mask, Carry bag, Visor protection, Maintenance tool kit, Videotape, User manual, Full Face Mask Diver Card

During the last 50 years scuba diving has been changing quickly from an activity only for experts, mainly with a commercial or military use, into an amusing hobby for millions of people all over the world In the last 20 years, specifically, some equipment have completely changed the way of diving, increasing safety and comfort

Masks and regulators have always been two different units, except in professional uses Why have we to think about masks and regulators as two different pieces of equipment, when every human being on earth breaths mainly through their nose and to speak it's essential not to have a mouthpiece in their mouth Why have we to let a part of our face become cold or why have we to restrict our field of vision? Why should we limit ourselves when using these pieces of equipment, instead of having an integrated system?

The NEPTUNE II was designed for underwater utilization, using two regulators, and the ability to use communication systems (underwater to underwater, or, underwater to surface) The NEPTUNE II can use normal regulators, ones with a flow adjustment are best, and those that are OVER-INJECTED are not recommended The universal connection, (available in two sizes) with a DIN thread, allows you to connect the mask with most of the regulators on the market NEPTUNE II was designed not only for commercial & technical uses, but also for recreational ones

We use tech polymer protection treatments, which allow NEPTUNE II to be used even in extreme conditions That's why Neptune II has a lifetime warranty To increase the comfort of the mask, the weight has been restricted to below 600 grams

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The Ocean Reef Neptune II Full Face Mask is commonly used for Recreation and more.

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This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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