Oceanic BC Weight Pockets (Set of 2)

Oceanic BC Weight Pockets (Set of 2)

Oceanic BC Weight Pockets (Set of 2) Features

What's in the box: 2 Pockets

Most of Oceanic's buoyancy compensators are weight integrated, meaning they have the capacity to accept our pockets filled with either soft or block weights By eliminating some or all of the weight a diver normally has to wear around their hips, these weight pockets increase comfort and can prevent a fully inflated BC from creeping up or riding too high on your body

A good tug on the handles of these pockets will release them, which is necessary in emergency situations and convenient before a fully geared diver tries to climb into a boat after diving Combine this dumpable weight system with the non-dumpable rear weight pockets found on the back of the majority of our BCs, and you have a well balanced BC capable of carrying a good degree of weight Oceanic offers different sized and styled weight pockets, depending on the make and size of the BC you own

Designed for the Probe, Flex, OP5K, Isla, and Contour BCs Capable of carrying a maximum of 10 lbs in each pocket, these pockets incorporate Oceanic's unique retaining pin style of loading Unlike Velcro, this system will not wear down over time and is much cleaner and unobtrusive than most - you'd hardly recognize the BC was weight integrated unless we told you! The pockets themselves are curved to fit snug against the body Because they are loaded close to the body and not in pockets outside the BC, they don't cause the BC to "flapunderwater when you rotate your body

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