Oceanic VT Pro Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter. Includes PC Download Kit

Oceanic VT Pro Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter. Includes PC Download Kit Features

What's in the box: Transmitter & Receiver

All by itself the wrist mounted VT Pro is a sophisticated multi-function dive computer (or depth gauge) But when its transmitter is screwed into a high pressure port on the first stage of your regulator, the VT Pro also keeps track of the breathing gas in your tank (air or nitrox mixtures up to 50 percent) and calculates how many minutes that gas will last, based on your current depth and breathing rate Remarkably, there are no hoses or wires connecting the transmitter and the computer (also called the receiver) And, all of the features/functions of the computer can be accessed with one of its two buttons

The VT Pro offers large, easy to read alphanumeric displays and color coded graphs where green means "go," yellow means "caution" and red means "stop " There is a variety of user settable audible and visual alarms The computer can be turned on before your dive, but if you forget to do this, it turns itself on underwater The batteries have a 100 hour lifetime and are user replaceable at any time without the loss of data The computer displays temperature and time of day
Although suitable for sport divers of any level, the VT Pro has many special features experienced divers will appreciate It can be used as a computer to 330 feet, a depth gauge to 399 It offers both time to fly and desaturation countdowns It automatically adjusts for altitude and salt or fresh water

The VT Pro has alarms for:

  • High 02
  • High and maximum PO2
  • Turn around time tank pressure
  • Ending tank pressure
  • Maximum depth
  • Elapsed dive time
  • Maximum nitrogen
  • Dive time remaining

Graphics indicate:
  • Air time remaining
  • Oxygen loading
  • No decompression time remaining
  • 02 time remaining
  • Ascent rate

  • With the VT Pro you'll never forget to make a safety stop and you won't have to guess where or how long to make it, the computer alerts you visually and audibly when you reach 15 feet and shows you when safety stop time is up
    The VT Pro offers backlighting but lets you determine the length of time it stays on, from 0 to 7 seconds It also lets you choose as many as four main and one alternate dive mode displays
    The VT Pro stores data from as many as 24 dives An optional USB cable lets you download this data to your PC

    Warranty Information

    This product has a limited warranty of 24 months for parts and 24 months for labor.

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