Oceanic SWIV Max-Depth Module Metric

Oceanic SWIV Max-Depth Module Metric Features

What's in the box: Oceanic SWIV Max-Depth Module "Metric"

The Oceanic SWIV Max-Depth, Depth Gauge is equipped with Maximum Depth Indicator Needle which will Mark your Deepest Depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when Logging Dive Information providing key information for Repetitive Dives. Depth Gauge is Color Coded for easy and safe reading at a glance. Depth Gauge has a 0 to 60 meter Readout with Safety Red Color Coded Indicators at 0 and 3 meters for Safety Stops and for Depths beyond the Sport Diving Limits from 30 to 60 meters the background is Color Coded in Red. To further increase Safe Diving Practices, the background of the Depths from 0 to 18 meters is Color Coded in Green with a Yellow Caution Zone from 18 to 30 meters.

The Air-Filled Diaphragm Design of the Oceanic Max-Depth Gauge allows an Expanded Shallow Scale for better Readability at sport diving depths. Depth Gauges have Oceanic's OceanGlo Luminous Displays that Absorbs Light Seven Times faster and longer than other Glow-in-the-Dark Materials, to enhance the Readability of the Max-Depth Gauge's. Depth Gauge is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Oceanic SWIV Max-Depth Module "Metric"
  • Readout: 0 to 60 meters
  • Safety Red Color Coded Indicators at 0 and 3 meters for Safety Stops
  • Color Coded Red Background from 30 to 60 meters
  • Color Coded Green Background 0 to 18 meters
  • Color Coded Yellow Background 18 to 30 meters
  • Read At-a-Glance Color Coded Depth Gauge
  • Maximum Depth Indicator Needle (MDIN)
  • MDIN: Great Feature for Repetitive Dives
  • Air-Filled Diaphragm Design
  • Expanded Shallow Scale for Better Readability
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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