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About Oceanic Instrument Retractor

Keeping your Dive Console or Dive Light or other Accessory Equipment Close-at-Hand, yet Immediately-Useable makes Diving-Easy, Fun and Safe. The Oceanic Retractors give us the ability to connect these accessories to our BCD so that when not in use they are not dragging across the reef causing damage to the Reef or the Accessory, but ready to be used when needed. Mount your Instrument Console, Light or other Accessory to your Oceanic BCD with their specially designed Retractor.

The Retractor is made from Non-Corrosive Materials with a Female Squeeze Style" Side-Release Buckle on one side for attachment to your BCD Male Buckle End and on the Cable Side a Split Ring to attach to your Accessory Item. Just pull on the Console, Light or other Accessory Item to extend the cable when finished using the accessory it Automatically Retracts to its Original-Position. The Oceanic Instrument Retractor is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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